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tv   Today  NBC  February 12, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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ysalwae bse desrtf i you okco. g ood mog.rnin cu ddleup. ntvalesine' dayke weeffnd o to a ne boll-chi ingarstt. 19 in c.d. 16 in new .york n8 ito bosn. y ifhiou thank t t'sldco a,l sa ys,t jus .wait > >>distanyng b heranrmn hi y llartoclinnes com teo th es prt'idenefs d densegurin the ba dete. >> k the oindfri csmticive we' he ardro fmen sator srsande about ou prderesint ixp e fectrom re icpubl ians, do not etxpec om freo somneni runng t forhe modeatcricom nioinatn touc sceed esprenid tamob a. >>ad mame crsey,etarha tt is a w lo owbl. w >> tillhat segtratyp helr o hurt her? machete attack. ana mto srmsnt io an ohio aurest arantnddo ranyml sshlaes
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>> s thi awasta brul taatck. >> the suspect eventually stho and killed by police. the fbi wickedig b air. >> is htorys goe wndo. ck ba fflipheor t owcrd. >> bo'sston icconiwa fenary pk an trmesforntd ieo th uimlteat wi nterpo srts ayplndgrou. la dysn iut abo tod heao tthe to f p othesi masve mpra. datoy, friday, february 12th, 20 16. nn>> aerouncro: fm nbcew ns, th s is iay"todth" wit matrlaue andan savnah thgurie,iv lem fro ud stio 1an ike rocerfell pl aza. oo>> g mdngorni andel w tcomeo od "t oay" anhi c fllyyrida rn moing. ev en ayas a fnkee ian,'map hpy to w seeshat'ng goin o at fyenwa pa rk. th eey'v troransfmedt thace pla
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y >>oual cledt ike wicigd b air, an 'dd i addke wicdol cr.d ai l it'lrebe fgezin or below ee frzingr o below zeron i a lot t ofhe trcouny. 30eg drees below noalrm. al s i ouidtse on ari fdgi azpla. odgo >> oo gd moinrng. ha i ove tl tel you,hi ts is h.roug jit'sustoi gng toet g herougr. he re's whahat sppenhe wn you co embin ake bronat wern mai in sc onrantnn, peansylvania, d ut br cally oldair. 's itn ans itantce i ulsce.ptur co gatiner pow lines and mehos. theyin f hallyaveot g itent un derrocontl, but it cedreat a ss me. 'l weeel se morne sces l tikehis toverexhe nt 48 urhos. rehe w'st'has pphainen g,aiag n, wasmee eth parol vteorx is aaylwsve or ethor n thpo,le butt' isow n sh tiif ongrve the nerorthn la at.ntic elit rsease a thecrcti air into th ete eas.srn u a.ndpi slls ro achess tan cnadiade borrs a
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ghri tw,no wvee' got, by idfr,ay isthmo inrn ig,tee flsik l e4. ne yow rktyci 1,4 rrcutleny. in evclanel id,t flseeik le .10 t oun i nnmipoeas,li 8 below. th enhe tol caid rer lyalta ssrt to in sk in. 5: 00 a..m tusaayrd, whiastongn 1 7 in evcld.elan 2 n i as we couentin,in wchd lsil cobe ameig b ctfaor. cl anevellsd, ao ckbeley, new york,cityee flse likel bow ro ze. tu sa rdayteafn,rnoos it'n eve ercold. we bmotto outda suny mog.rnin alookhet tse ertempesatur. 'l weeel sor recnds i onbost, new yo wrk,ngashi atonnd okroane. ch o,icag yeou'rng goio tbe ,cold aswell. 'sthatre whee win f kdevin bb tiles. i e hop y houeavhe t coldth weaer ge ar ready bseecaus it'oi gng to be utbr mal,y iefrnd. >> ,als it' a a >>t'l, ibas a 20lmy re deges he igre rowht n. nioverasght m youonentithed, e rc meisury t jusg goinroto dp. e thombottgo is toing e comout
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e'therins go bg towie a hind cll soadvitary sg rtinghtonit, la g stinl untirrtomoorow m.ning tethe atmper auresoire go ng tbe ou abrot zee herhiin c.cago o whs know twhatrehey'ng goi to be th furuter owe midwhst, ere th nde wials reloly bw. ey thca're g llinthfor nde wi ch inill m the 1inus m0 to inus a 15rea. lepeop b are ueing trgedeco chk t on eheirlyldergh nei.bors atake f tipmerom d and iressn ye lars. mii'm g ssinupa coayle lthers is rn moing. pa osy cltter aonentipe to ts. sh touldgohey si outde? ed fem the bmoreseecauy theuse emorey.nerg imosttamporhint tthng, ese in thongs dor't wllk weth in e ld coth, eier. if ge it owts d mn to 4inus0, h whicllwe ay praoeit d, sn't dthey won'tatork . all ymakecaour o ll ttrthe avel ag beent iforetst get tha. cold f >> ireyou'nk thiofing av trg,elin't dond heato fl a.orid it l 'l cbellhiy. he utad ot. wes go t, wesng you o manmar won. ri spikng-lrme wape temreratus
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ri ap ml oranay rge. n sacifran psco,ixhoeneb, pulo d th wat's whereede nego to . e'>> wavll hu e yo ibacke nsidin co a mupleesinut. it a wasll chiwe beten be srniersande h andryilla cl n into nlast dightg urinr thei mo deiccratat debe. th r eirsfisit e ncndsas ern woin w neshhampire. in cltuton g rninewto nes lin of ckattatr to sy tohilow s me mo.ntum let's begin our campaign co rave wgeh itdran meachitell. go orod m. ning il>> h claryonlintin try g to ga reerin hti fooftng aerer h big lo n ss ihanew irmpshe. ac d cuseiebernde sanf rs og bein on a sue-isnde cae,idat o andf di alsloyo ty tidpresobent ama, h whichuwas pgelyaropulh wit riminootty viners ad nevd a an ut soroh ca, linanethe taxt ste to e. vot r>>orepr:teli conntri t tedo pu ndt saoners d thesiefenve. t >>inhe k cd ofciritihasm tt we he've frard enom s satorrsande ou abr t ouidpresi ent ctexpe
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ex fpectsorom e meoninrunnr g fo th moe deiccratin nomn atioto su cceed president obama. >> t thamais, medaec stare, rya bllow ow. r >>teeporher: siz, seoning wh e at hs haidsa to kasie hunt, on omabaec's rinord li deang wi onth cs.gres ou>> y't donnk thisi pre dent am obcca suulessfloly cthsed e ga p? i >>'t don. r >>teeport r: iclwas n'intos t firscechance sin h newhiampsre r ton egaitrthe ofust en wom vo . ters 'v>> iene sp et mye ntirt adul life working towards makinsug re me woe n arweempotored e mak th oweir oin chevce, f en ithe oi chs ce itonot e votmefor . >> or rep ster:rsandes seehis idcandasacy to his ric. om>> sy ebod mwithcky bandgrou, bosomeitdy w vh my, iewsini thk nda saviers y ctord woul be a st hialoricom acchmplis aent,s . well ep>> rr:ortey theerhammaced eh he ot ir onrammig, tionthe on ec homy,h ealt. care h>> ifoave mughttiy enifre le akto mree sult heareh caa is gh rir t fopeall .ople
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hianytng. t >>umhe n dbers aon'tp.dd u be i e lievn i cathget nee moy at thee i n td byg axinthe we y,althcl by g osinholoop les, th wings we'reveay ofordo r do aing, tnd i ohinki'nce m in th ite whuse hoe e, w hwillave ghenouit pol cicalalapitbe to ab o le thado tt. s>>reecrytali conntyo, reu' not in the wtehise hou. yet r >>teeporndr: aei forolgn picy. j >>alourn aistshosk w you st lio en toron f peigny.olic we e hav yet tow kno w thohat is. >>l wel itin a'ten hry kissinger, tt'har s fo.sure >> t' thanes fi. >> or rep wter:ashen ifked e rac la res tiond wouletbe bunter r de his presidency -- bs>> aeloluty. a weoire go ng ttecreali milons of s joblofor cow-inidme ks. ep>> rr:orteh wittoclinn ea g rninenthe emdorsofent the ng coioressblnal caack pucusack a and oslamndf saagers t ains jo ewhn lis. >> ev i nawer s. him i s wa tin she-iit, nseefrm do de rit , but i mearhillcly inton. i prmet enesidint clton. >> or rep ster:rsandeea rel sing
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unyodag htug oericf erne garr. wh ieo dftd aer y neworkol pice t pu himn i aho cldkeho. t >>s hat'i'why r m foiebern. c >>onlintdi is g gginorin f a gh fi st asrsandeti con tnueso raout heise ar by m bign argi e sincnehis mpw hae shirorvicty. a >>a ndrehemitcthll, . anks >> t'> lerns tuou to ner pal. li pol ticaysanalcot nille wa e llacpoand calitil co porrest,ndenve stena korcki. od goni morng. oo>> grnd mo ing. l >> tet'sitake ce piepi by ece. y ifatou whech tat deboue, y see er the e araicertten voour grps an sud ishaes tept kepp croing up. s let't star twithbahis , ttle d ans it illan a b-oute attlfor th rie afamcan-anerice. vot e,stev we h sawryillant clion re uallysher inhi tstr sy ateg that's she beenry tingidena obamhiand gas lecy.
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nd sadiers ddn't o so >> t' thae s threinteg sting.thin idpresobent isama ll sti ex eltrempuy powilar th re mon thaof50% e theorlectate in th souol carina. ofall a the wreas bheree erni nd sawoers truld cy toafome ter arhilliny cl ston,nyo ma of , themcrthe isitic lm heleeveld ai aghenst ulr cosod al be ap d pliereto pntsidema oba. n.agai cabasipully m t hiheon t nsdefeive. adhe hsa to hiy, t ws is'mhy i 's it m not aeantcrs a isiticm of idpresobent ama. it ou's to gh tmpacco. lish w >>o ho dthyou diink ttd beer in ms terat of titracinng my orit rsvote? t>> i whinkwahat res mo te ininrest tg onfrhat diont dn't enhappth on age ste. ljohn iewis as ancamerionn ic, no tus j itn the aanfricri-amecan co itmmuny. i ug thoht it was one ofhe t rs haherti cris cismerof bnie sa snder abeesent oisme n th memove'vnt iare he fd soar. h >>esis re pons qto aiouestn. d het idn' sjusthaay tt.
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pr m oble wwith vomens.oter awwe sin it h newhiampsre. to weugh itek worh glteia s inem maand indelebre al sightg ayin in thhags tdnt diel't hp. dihow e d shgo? s >>neomeot jus ybeatorou f ov 0 er 2tspoin. ve i'n beee.ther e sh hheldwner ot last nighand ha e d onerof hon str gest rf pencormaes. r fotoher be do atter mong wo smen,ashe hdo to te betr, pe .riod dishe ttd beer. osomee f thgsthint tha have en be p offnguttie , shd.fixe he>> sd, sai't done votmefor be cause i'm a woman. sashe t id irebefo. fathe 'mct iom a ws an iofone q mytiualies. 'tdidnni bernde sahaers n ve a in stterereing ply. >> wa he kes asred, a you oc bl hkingryisto? idhe dcon't utme o s andt,ay i t bue we'vr nevea had shjewi idpresent. en wh he w nonew shhampire, th tat'shest fire timwia jesh ca atndidere ev a wonma priry. fo atr thte mate r, wn'haved t ha matoo eony pwhple llo ca sethem slvesliocia ests,r.ithe he>> tt lasc,topil waletstre. e sh ssaidouhe wt ldn'be ueinfl bncede y thbabig nks. aihe setd, lot's nnk thith of e te vos rs a. dumb
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jo l urnaa has y stort abouhow gu heshy lkr tares we. sh noe's int go gg towaet athy wi renot inleasreg moor infonmati. w >>shhen s e wakispean ng ithe paidpe ss echethfor nke bas. he>> se madrehundf ds o ou ths sandolof d slarsinpeakg to th nke bas. is thue issno is int goayg aw. ashe his a dt tincntadvaovage er onher s the atagehend til tra. he>> sd saiidpresobent toama ok me soth of nee moomy frl wal re stndet aod nobidy sadi he dn't st upand th to nke bas. a >>, gain cthatacomebomk fr ersandhys, w t didgihey heve t y mone, then'sthaty easto un tadersnd. >> nico lstle, teve, yhankou ve ucry mh. > >>nethe epxt rcaubliban dete is so in cauth narolior tomrow ni ght. omoste f thidcand aatesre re alinady p thettalmeo state. st laht nigna, doruld toomp tk hi sss metoage is lou.iana nanbc altionre cordesponetnt per al deexan fr iswiolloheng t. gop mgoodngorniyo to u. m >> gatt,moood g.rnin so cauth naroli c, ofe,ours usfamo i forouts rndgh abl tume li po.tics do tnald'srumpon opp aentsre
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arvulgity. tr ump with theor opptytuni to sw laear igst nht. s he iays,ctn fa's, hear sweing of ulf fogu lanage. t asanhe ctedidat s gey readto sq ouareorff f n thedeext bate rrtomoigow nht. >> or rep tter:ilhe bailionre ba elrrnglint io baton rouge. >> unbelievable. alookist thwd cro. r >>teeporr: do tnald erumperarliin takm g ai edat tz crualfor d legey dirt kstricar, ch cgings ruz'esalli th wiea spr mdingfoisiniormatn in so cauth narolih wit ppush.olls rewe ach wat ting, trumpedweet. uz cryi dennyng aol invntveme. h>> ireave epad r oortsatf wh is ng beid, sai s butodomebsey el is ng doim, the u nots. >> or rep cter:isruz ht figoning o twtsfron. ta inrgetumg trd p ano marco rubi th wi a hiscud ac rsing oubiof okbr penseromis. oo sp afingpo suprort gup. m >>g akineeme fmbl du for tr ngustim. the >> e votmofor hare tstn ju a typrete fac tnext ime. r >>orepter: the cruz campaign edyank a theted afndr fiouing t
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te g llinnenbc uws,tunfornate fa ytlil she n wasetot vbyted e thincastmpg coany. we ld wou h notleave r t hearappe hein t t ad,sahey id. a lifamiacar f ge isg ivinjeb bu bsh a.oost ge worgesh. bul wilaicampgn th wi b hiserrothpe, apg arinhere mo nnday. ight 'm>> iud proth of cte fas he' ngcomi h andedonor. ep>> rr:orten johchkasi is challeinngemg thbe to e mor tiposive. >> ion d k'twnot whae' hs in th.king es doe hizrealthe fae lymi le cyga? en sp adingoull ymer ting bei ga ne.tive ep>> rr:orteh, bus d whoibescred ms hiaself oy a jtoful sertoi, is w noaicampg gnin twith jhe ooyf th xae teais ch mnsawcrassa e, orubi is tgryin tohe sdis h tiroboc image. enloosuping fr in ofont the racames. ac incord ag topon oponsiti. aid adays cfterracking under prsues orestn e,agio rubck craed a r mola fon an rozey candbar. aihe s id,s t't noingotog lo sw m hiwndo. e'>> wotre npe susg ndinour mp ca.aign >> t last,nigh'v youare he d of
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y trinsignddg to.lers k chec othisut. onat dtrald s ump'y,rall00 11,0 op pen le indatte, anceouhe fnd a -m 19 oonthn ld icrthe wiowd th a jebellwe bedkyinnd a the mohawk. si ingnthg bae ockhif has .nd fo atr th. tt ma s andnaavanach, b yk toou. >> nk tha, your.pete ecappr tiatehat. > >>e ther bhavemaeen jor lodevetspmenth in rie syan cr oisisigvernht. an cenounigd bid strowes ta ard ntpoteceial fiase-re. ke imir s imons ss in tyriahis mo g.rnin go orod m. ning >> t matsaand ahvannod, go inmorng. er the e arlepeopda at usmasc th oris m wningreho aim optc isti d anrsotheno do lit betheve ere wi e ll bndan eth to ghe fi.ting th ste hoy ilittiis serll he. w it aon't tpplyiso isth or e al qa afeda-atfiliroed gup. sr nua. ad lesaers eyy the havedagre to ac racelendte aan expe d th de ryliveai of cd toniommu ties de unegr si se in, yriae whersome op peinle, includilg ch, drenhave
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e thetsecrofary te stas sayhe kn thows ree agt emenis am oubitiuts, b h theitumann aria pu s sh iiacrucl. e >> w ahaved greeccto aatelere an pad exhend tiv delofery hu tamani arianegid bnginni diimmey.atel st sud ainevedeliilry wgil ben th eeis w k. t >>nnhe aemounccoent asmes the sy arian brmy,d ackeusby r sian ra stcategiimlly anporteat ar of al .eppo avi pronceus phing backel rebs an dsi posthbly enreataning rothe e.sieg e therpiare escturpr of enesidt sa asred he. he ti's sn ll irocontrel he. on ese qu, tion hwillale rely nt wast to heop tht figwhing en s hiesforc o aree n th nsoffey?ivel matt and sanav bnah,toack . you ei>> kmmr si tons, yhankou. >> le> s t'owgo na to urdistbing sc inene o. ohi th oris m, ning pfoure eoplare re ricoveftng a mer arman aed wi mth ateacherm stonted io a aurest aranttand s artedkittacng
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nb juc's e sticescorrenpondtet pe ll wi hiamsheas tes lat tt onhis. cwhatouan yl telus? >> t, matd gooinmorng. i tecan oull yt tha pfoure eopl we urre h tt inbrhis autalk ttac at ed a mraiter rneanurestainant lu co.mbus fbthe hi isngelpial locic pole. e whilorauths itiethsay oney d't ye owt kn m thee,otivy' there lo g okin wintoerheths thianwas ofact e- homn growemextr ism. ep>> rr:ortegh fringtenien momts fo ner dit rs alua co, mbus, ohio aurest trantdahurshey, wman a n el wi adinghe macegte ban nd ra aomlykittacusng crstome. t >>vehey' a gotast leurt fo in d jureouif y s cansoend me re moic meds. op>> cy. r >>teeporolr: psaice e y thman wa ilkedthnto zae na reth aurest arantelnd doui ar:3nd 50, a had erconvonsatih witan oyemplndee at, lef c butbaame ck heto tta rest uran ahalfurn ho te lar. cepoli h saypre apedoach a lecoupti sitt ng aota bosth ju si inde. >> s thia was albrutac attk. th n e mas walko in tlepeopt tha juare hest tavre hdiing , nner stand aartskittacheng tm. om>> s te ofathe p sronsedtart ro th cwings hairimat hyi, trng
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ep>> rr:orteer aft a theacttk, the man drove away in a white car, leading policone ha a cse. a >>oure yin behm?d hi >> t thas wacathe r, following it. >> reporter: police officers forced him off the road a few miles away and tried to subdue him with tasers but he managed to get out of his car with the ch maanete knd a ife. h >>nge lucred athoss ode ho at th fie of.cers of rsficeed firou a cshple atots hi d m anhiput wnm do. >> or rep rter:aregul as at lapopustr rentauraa in t quie hbneigodorho s aren.hake t >> iedscar c theourap mt ofe. j i gustot here. m i'ngtryifi to ogurehaut wt's go oning . rimy f wendsthork ere. >> r foulepeop a aree t th ho alspit. al e l artain scoble ionditd n an ctexpeo ed tivsurve. stinveorigate s arindiggtog in atthe ertackas's pryt, ttoing fi ogurehyut ws thienhapped. ma satt, ahvann. >> e petiawillthms, yoank ryu ve . much >> h> wemrave ke. rockr ba and
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w >> ee'llinxpla t whycohat at a is i hotlatem ter. >> ct exaigly rht. ir>> flest, sht's ouow yt' whas g goinuton ore the t for.oday we lo're g okineaat haivy r n in e thfipacirtc not.hwes ke laec-effowt snti con inuesn nothe asrthet. ok loth at teose atmper iuresn l. a. 86 . oe ph 8nix,gr8 deees. we ge'll yt toloour focal streca
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>> t' thaurs yoes latatt weher. >> t al,s.hank just ahead, harrison ford's ci ac odente n thofset n theew "star wars" movie. w noima cr cinalbease e caussome t ofeohe pbeple "hindfothe rce aw enak fs"e acispr t jus ine timor fen val'stine da hey, tci sfientict teso tin fd t ou if you arell reay compatible with your rtpaner. p weutee throu cespl to the test an tdwihey o ll gugthroe h th ltresuves li.
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nb c. they're staying warm inside. ah tead oninrendeeg, nd me sog thino to deethis w?kend fabio has gra ideat o ea t keep coyou y mpanalon vneentiay's d. at thig's rfaht, bio. >> d > anwothe prrld reemie of ho nda'susew midic veo.
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r afte lyour nocalews. ch siobani 100mply . t it'sy he onlt grlighyoeek gurt wi ztho prererestivevas. o t tlovelihis s fe iivto le atit...nallyur . inearnlig und mite bcashonack pu serchas. at th w's ain. agbut imrnine eait ting .wice yo wiu can he cth tdoiti uble ca carsh d. it yo lets cu earnbackash ic twe. heonce wbun you d agy anasain pa you y. c it'sbackash cthenbaash gack ain. thand aat'sh cas wbackinin-w. cithe outi dcable arsh cd. onthe d ly car letthatu s yocaearnk sh bace ontwicry evehapurcse 1 withen y% whuyou b% and 1as you pay.
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it makes a lot of other cards seem one-s. ided reca pssseres nte thd'worls fi borst asdy wthh wifr ncagralee repease .arls
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recaovss lfoe verer. ok loth at weis sacet fe. ssoweet. 'rok, weing e goeeto npkd a nain go foey,halaky, oappy. t ststerl.rude so ds my ki't h dontoave e, foragt gojobstwo pa to rty a mogage, and i've also got a brain. li 'sfert shota, s lk ieachp. ll i'e bg workinyowhile eeu sl st don'ill int thi'k ave gotin? bra yo ink u thsua renome's eugh? o' whp ll stehenup w ingsthet gough t? n'doyou t ntwa thatnd okiaif brn? a grdes ee idea .gree u' yonare gont wanonsome me likee. bu ly it onu f yo bhave arain. m lii' bke an oxer i.a ringa l smalboxer. u do yoexn't ucpect mh... enand tham!, wh hii 'em t thwiuge hcr my geadnoos!es alri roght o!und tw ing brgiit, ndrlfrie! ri
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7:26 am
noe lov on theew freayss thi rn moing founatrtunely. avwe he a fedlipp over hivecle. lwe'l get tot than i aen momt butk looth at e uninbod cteommu on the5 9 with ancc atiden on horanc atiffecheng tff tra oic n e th eefrway, sohe tra tfficha tt is mngergin o sboouthund ra,nchoba cked upn otohe t fayreewow n uninbodth on e5 9 tdsowarhe t ercent oef th llvaey. slet'e takou y to the 215,he wre avwe hes thi upsiden dow vleehic nt medione ieearlr. at ths ili fppedr oven othe 215 we unstboetd g ttingo wilindml mm jaingp utheve tral ti mes. theboinund 215ma nor cllylear is th mog,rninun rningth in e redas s ith soudboun 15.tu ffng goi out e,ther a kimnd na da . d >> tana: hankyou, tom. iit s7:27.>> : kimha we ve anpd u oateen thbr ngeakis new we sedtartth on e :0 11.m0 pro. bstadcaak tings u in tohe t earlyor mning urhos. e theris and staoffua sittion veryr neaar md ylanwaparkynd a de sertinn. a.s.w. ht.eeas bn cdalle in and ou epr rrorte b haseen t aherell ni lghtong and w thenheor repter
7:27 am
t,nighhe trey wed tol tyheea hrd aan ml yelor fe hlpnd a two
7:28 am
7:29 am
hias tsys pla t,ou we'lle hav b nackow at 307:n o ari fday inmorng. th 12 of uafebrry, 1620. th tat'sheie vwro fem th top of th e .rock cyou san't eeit, butt' is rehe, th eol par exvort,es dincendg up on the eastern half of the country. it is 16 degrees on the plaza right now. going to get even colder throughout this valentine's day weekend we d.eken glsnuge , upglsnugnne buyiesiebunns. t >>ishis they onlol cdke weend ewe'v had. e>> wen hav't lacompin. 'v weade h ad milin wter. >> true. >> is it ien thgl sine dsigit d hatheen fywa ,parkre whe ladyn hiis ts inmorng. 's it not ballseba. we 'reki talthng oer sp. orts e >> ware, ttma. he otrpo srtst thanv iolve a ramp
7:30 am
be accont it,en th meiddl of nt ceer elfid. i've gnotte tsweetin ask igf i'm go tingomo cowe dn this. oui wtldn'n eveol r dlown the hi ll. we e hav pssrofelsiona d too th aat,nde' w dllo itiv le in a tt lile bit. >> ial w uked tphe sstair o ofne ofse tho inal sket laty ci. i edturnun arod d anedwalkk bac wn do. u yo thave ko bengiddi me. lwe'l y seeoun i atl lit ee.whil ha>> tyonk u. >> et> l'sak te a look athe t lihead tneshis rnmoing. arhilliny cl atonnd beerni nd saerssh claveed oe r thencurrt es prtidenin dur lgast ghnit's mo deiccrat badete. su tppor p forderesiobnt ama. he>> td kin ofri csmticit tha 'v weeae hrord fmen satorde sanrs ou aburt o idpresent, ixp eect om fr reicpublans, io dot n ctexpem froeo somneun rning for theem dtiocracin nomn atioto ap[ aupl ]se >> meadam crsey,etarha tt is a w lo .blow la st i d,hear weiv led in a mo deiccratie socty.
7:31 am
na se htoras theht rigo t grdisaeeh witthe esprt.iden >>de sanenrs wt on to say presenidtba omaas hon de an tr exinaord > >>in durg aly ral in uiloa,sian lddonamp trumi prosede h dnwoulse't ul fouan leguag on th ceigamparan til oranyme. he facedti cricismli ear terhis ek we forea repting a sutepporr's arvulger tm used to debescri ted cr uz. >> > ppdisainointg .news theci vacorne f theik zaus vir n' istin comg .soon la scrge- talesrial are aeat lst on18 mths away. th oue grp voted twoci vacne nd caesidat a aredylreawi shong pr e.omis > >>o alss thi inmorng, the isbrith pctroduion cnyompa hi bend " wstars:arhe tor f ce akaws"ens iac fginri clmina ch sarger oven aid accentn othe osetef th movie. billly nee isn ido lonnit wh is th. od go mog.rnin g >>ood mog,rnin nnsavaah. 's it aie movha ttro bke box fi ofecce r aords bndroke the leg of itsn mai ,star hsoarrin ford.
7:32 am
stlatest "arar ws" vemo, vieie, "the fo awrce s,akenre" ang bei pr utosecored fli faiong t suenre th tae srf othe hit movie wasn't hi bty the prs.op >> you might need this. >> i think i can handle th. is >> reporter: harrison ford's charteacanr hol soxp eects ou tr iblenar "sts" warut b he dndi e'tecxp ttbeo it h by the ordof ois h acsphies p. w>>tha p aceie of . junk >>he sig mhtot noo lke lik .much ep>> rr:ortes he'or wked with th eil miulennmal fconor f ca dedes. tw eao yrs ago, hse wa fngilmi on ethet s of theal f wconhen he wa s hit by avy heara hyd mulicet da oohl dr. -- malet ordo. he sntpe weeks on utcresch. itbrn'ais setafboy sdyd ai it s wa soouserit's, isse prongcuti th e pctrodu cionnyompa for il fa tingoag maneis rnk o the se t. by ilaw,t saysmp ersloyet mus
7:33 am
rk woers. th sis i t as oruen am filasset a fryacto ooflr. the " wstarars"ro pioduct n company says cast and crew sa tyfes ilw aays aop t riprioty. we re a sadintppoi ieden th ci de.sion fordan m tagedois finh the mo lvie,ater volkngjokiut abo his ju inryh witmy jim fallon. >> i was worried about you. >> they closed a [ bleep ] on . me ep>> rr:ortes it' not thenl oy time -y73olear-ord fasd had h a lu yck especa. la st arye h,e crashde land his nt vi agee.plan >>xp elaint whahaedppen. t >>wahis s ala pne h.cras we h'reere toal tkbo auts thi one. this dislocated thenk ale forward. >> hey! >> reporter: there'so n gg suonestid for c isdeonsi ring onacti astgainhe t movie makers. >> it's true, all of it.
7:34 am
cl yearlke awaning itbrsain' al hendth aet safy ofrsfice. t >>hesu lawitea m ins tfheil fm ucprod aerstren' cotenviched, ty facein fesnd asi pos ble pr inmeisonnt. th aiey sdhe tyul fly craoopeted t inhe veinatstigion. r fothest "arar ws"ra f,ncishiseanfre,chis th no cingtoan sitp . theeq suel haslr a eadybegun tishoong athe t same iostuds. slet'e hop'vtheyeix fed the sp hiacesorp do by now. ck ba to u.yo >> is h ieen th next one? >> no -- >> sayshe t pnerso whoas hn't se en it. >> ou yon d'tno kw isth,ut b reyou'te sgppino int this. yo eu ar sintirr tg he pot. ny>> agthin is polessib. t >>hereou ye hav it. >> t' thas t.righ >>'s letet g ack che oef th
7:35 am
>> se the areot nhe t lrsawye u' yoreki loong bogo aut your wslauit. 'v weote ge more- lakcteffeow sn. so meas areki picngp uhr teet fee of w sno adylrea andre the'se mor in to aysund, eiaspecllyro fm er ie,sypennialvanll, a theay w toer wat town, newyork,he wre ey thay m a seeernoth4 2he incs of w snoor befe iovt's er. er ie,a.p., and buo,ffal 8 to 14 esinch. ne xt week, ndsu way,vee ha a ip cl cpergomin in,nd all it' gbrinw snom fro mapinneoliso t elclevand. mi rynist f mix mromurissooi t ut soroh ca.lina nd moay, ice enevt fheor t hesout aastnd milad-at.ntic ithisons m dayrnafteoon. by tu y,esda wrarmeir a gets in. ycanouie belve ?it he wre,ee arng goi teo sero f m inwash tgtono onbost, ertempesaturth in 0e 4s,be may 5low0s. a lotf on rai and ancy i mix on alheg tne spif o the laappanschia.
7:36 am
t >>shat'r you ltates wer.athe ma tt? >> heus j staid to me,id dou y t, no ,waitth darer vad is 'sluke fa ?ther d>> inoid t. >> yes,e h did. >> an savnahs ixp einglainhe t ol whestar "ar ws"ra fhisenco t . me one for theec r u yohave teo se thees newt nd miwi-bloidng vroeo fm ok . go uspl, canci sence pctredi ve lo? i >>'m jeffos r asennd wmeelco to l the these resrcearshe say they can rmdete wine yholou'l be attracted to and h lowgonou yr tirelaiponshl wilst la. we have a medarripl couhae tt's
7:37 am
wl ney eedngag upco ale,ndhe tse o, twt jusee mtingay tod on the ir we bdest dlindate .ever wh wol ilbe theos mt andsoupdw sandich anwh someto gere o,eaand clren and nd al awh no bere toe, rmand wath and oklog goin,od and sandwich and soup andsi inokesde j, andad isn ac bk!
7:38 am
ean e clirpags minenu. 0 ca 50esloriss or era. pan odfoit as ho sbeuld . us(m ic) won: ma i'll never remember all the projects, prtiesenta ons, oree mngs tigai upve myht nig s for. us(mic'drs teums in nsify) but days like this, i'll never forget. e. le. t s ishiy mght fingso tak cke bafe my li song us (m ic) t!cu ithisy s wamutoo ch. jui wstt an ttok al wtoenom ouabmyt ec dioiston se uoi i' hve fadr oudski .la esdiwh, leo s ak attli wlen heeythau l?gh -uuh uh,huh- h.yo seu e? switching to poise helpmas ifke lsie ea tllt hainth g! ge3 t 1inro pcttenio
7:39 am
an lid unerke ppaiod ds,po thise hain sadpe p sha tven hiexflec tolhny.og se yoize oiur pomse m entoiat pomse.c. eu n cerinsinterepaive irn' does mt justurizoiste sk dry in, int itveensiaily reprs it. a withe uniqule tripac ortion fmula that exfoliates hy esdrat rtand foskifies in. inleavoog it leaking h lthyd ant.radian wi intthsien vere ir,pa fr erom eucin. i thisolets vi. s she'aibeen w forting th omenis mr t fo. awhile a nt omome ktherids ulwo tdn'tnkhice twibo aut. hersr fibot f wl oeech. rios because now that cheerios are gluten free, viol , etd maan onyersth e aryingenjoir the first
7:40 am
wh f at ierths e waotanwaher y to look at relapsing mu leltipos scleris? this is tecfidera. tecf a iderotis nin an iojectn. it's a pill for relapsing ms that has t pheower to r cutapelinses al hf. imagine what you could do with fewer relapses. tecfidera may cause serious side eecff,ts su as chlealic rrgcteans,io pml, which is a rare brain infection at thsu ueaally ldeds to ath or er sevsae dity,bili and crdeses eain your white ood blllces. the cmostmoomden siff eects are flushing and stomach problems. ll teou yctr do aorbout any lowhitw ble d ceoo cllnts,ou infe ioct,ns y otanr hedicamecol itiond,ns or f yo iaru prege ntna p orn tolaec be promnaeg,nt areorre btfasdieeng plaorton reas beetfd. le moarn are tbout mhe ost pr cresed piblil
7:41 am
t t talk do yourr aboctoout idtecfera, takeand th anoker loo r atngelapsi ms. > >>ar we ace b akt 7:40hi ts inmorng. on se rosn rtrepo as,it l tle erdiff tenten scifce o love. re went mea to ?be u yo may be sisurprted aha w t ncsciease ho tsaybo aut .that ti naonales invtitigave co porrest ndenjeffas rzosnse has a fu n ,test for meso,n iim tore f va inlent e'sday. go odinmorng. >> d gooni morng andpy haply ear va inlent e'sy.da do se thepl coues ndbehi me look ne srvou to you? th hoey sbeuld . th eey'rut abo tod finut o how co ibmpatlehe te.y ar w ho can ios pysiblw kno ?that is th a isboll aheut ten scice of .love cyou danoci sfientic testsor f at titracon andct ayuall honow lg uryo ratelnsiophiil wl last. long-term compatibility.
7:42 am
fiofalciov l elab, andy thek too l alth of e sticienfic tests. gu ess ?what we t jus gothe tul rests ckba. 'l werel tvealhees rultsiv leo t em th t ando you in a montme. first, here is how it works. r>>orepr:teov l ies in the air. >> what does she smell like? >> sweet. >> reporter: meet dr. velo. he runshe te lov labt a ar cltemon ivuntyersi. y >>ou f canouind o t whis long-term compatible with each ot r.he >> you can hook it up and see on a computer who isng goibe to together? >> we cano d nitow. >> reporter: we've lienedst re th ecoleups. ca thy and ,jack married for 48 ye th cisploue jtusot g engaged. then there's kristin and shjo. >> hi. >> nice to meet you. >> ep rorter: they justet m on
7:43 am
hwhicpl couile wl behe t most mp coleatib? i >>la'm pcing theso senr ,here stliinen tg yorou >> reporr:test fir, uphe tt zes .test intestowg hh muct zes cesoupl ve ha. re arseerch wseirac e chplou e with ses.nsor do their hearts beat in uniformyununison, ho muw ach treyhe easw?ting tandhemi checals i reaeldse wh yenou trust onsomee. >> what ifhi ts turnsut o dlbay? i>>ton w'tec bseau iee n d to thpay tee carer the det.posi h >>ugh eac o ftherorne o teminu. >>hi ts is deepth in e brain st aemndy thet can'rocont l it ns coslciouy. st te. r >>teeporher: wurn o medarri up coomle ces in, a dose of .news ja>> ck'sel levsre a akpeing, cibounng. >> s he'll reay enjoying this. >> t whaut abo cathy? >> not so mh.uc >> soy,rr . jack f>> iou y look intoh eac otsher'
7:44 am
>> so awkward. >> ep rteor tr:eimor fes ttwt o. th eis vualen att tionstte. >> ha what enpp srehe? >> inhi ts stteur, o pa icrtaniputts pn ose the eye kitracng legoggs. desi. on f e o pthenerso theye camit wh sandhiometng elset' thas ap inpealg. goes. >> you can track their eyesight? ndat aow hlo ng. >> b oney one,y theo d .it >> reporter: for the last test, th eou cplesee n tdoor w ukp a easwtnd a atr song t.scen w >>arhat ee wng doi here? >>li bfondinld tghe men tot tes th eirl.smel >> w?ho >> y' themell sllhe t women to e se t whorehey'tt actraedo t mo . st t>>seheuy gsil wl sllme all of th een wom? y >>eah. atwhou c gldo wrg,on rit?gh >>al wkth to eir f wstanom and smell. >> flerows, sllmes nice. >> t 1o 5. >>4.
7:45 am
>> ayok. >> 3. >> e >> h hgaveiais fa nce r lowe number. >> the maredrico leup? >> 5. >> good. >> or rep tter:lihe bndda te? >> 4. >> la,diesr you rntu. a >> leittlit b easwty. almond. >> spicy. r>>teeporftr: aerrs houf o st te ting, timeo chrunc the nu s.mber i >>nk thi theul restsre a going to be at actrontis ie morpl comedicat an th we k.thin >> the mtomenve we'll a been it wa we h're werethith oue c aplesnd we e hav the rtsesul righter he in our ndhas. ryou feadyor ?this >> ybmae? mletlle puhe tm out. th caynd a ,jack we'll starth wit u. yo rr ma 4ied8 s.year your heartes rate werot n in sync at all. >>be maye w't won make 49.
7:46 am
yo arur ptner moreha tn the tr atveactict piure,he t money, brad.pitt we wdante to look at jack m ore thanra bd pitt. od gos new e.ther od gob, jo ysgu. t' leovs me onth to eag enged co .uple re ady? weyou here tes z ttest wrinne by r. fa i'm lngooki ,here w you mereore at tetracod tr you perartnn tha yb an iodyns thi reentiup groas w acattr ttedo their nepartr, and th atlu inc ddesawn to you. u yoo alsel rdeaseh hig ls evelof oxy ox inytoche, tst tru emch.ical da wn,wnda, ,dawn .dawn inquotrog fem th do,ctorou y re we notho s hwingigh at metachnt. th iswe shod imncbalaoue y're g goinavto h we toonork . >>susirpring. >> t wha doou yak me of that? >> a wedylrea put the ditepos wn doth to e ceratero s- - >> we're in too deep. n'i doowt kn. i >>t'll a blle okay.
7:47 am
le mt's ooven teo thnd bli date co .uple lwe'lrt stait wh acattr.tion kr n,isti h youad lowtt aioractn to sh jo. >>ay ok. >> er covr you .ears w nore we'p u to josh. ,josh h youad nivegate at titracoon t tikrisn. theum nber was allctuayes l s thaner zo. i'm so rry. s >> i thatsspo?ible i >>st wan itheat negive ernumbs. e thd goows neou, yho swed a ngstro ioemotnal nncoonecti. >> t thahais wt ttmaers, ghrit? t'>> ills aut abo ioemotn. e thto docr says tishis ct ayuall aat gre p.ti ea gript tor fst fir tedas. bit'sseecauou yen wer't just at a nndiyoer, reu we joenying an tiexcixpng encerietoe ergeth. it's anta insnt ndbo. dr.'slove tip is, ifou y're ggoin a onst fir date, go to an ve adenturet tog bherseecau you get anns itant ndbo e, ivenf er th ne iso actttraioner the. >> y ver exngciti. ef>> b woree ,gohe tsre i a nn wier. er th ae isar cle wrinnef othe ou grp. li be ievert ot, not' is our
7:48 am
'rtheytie s gll toing goet iemarrhad, tnk gossodne. ur yobe numrser weo sig h oh ff thert chas and a youre actttraed to each other. 's het jusoff thert chas y.craz racongtitulaons. th fankseior boong gd orspts. ba ock tou yn ithe iostud. f >>eel goodt spo oef th le vae'ntinays d ekwe end. h>>waeartgrminn wheou yd sai e therwasat negive acattr,tion ss len tha roze. o >>en th up,side dawnas w tr atdacte to ckja. >> mr. roker. >> yeah. >> re we' all goingo tll smeh eac rothein durg the eabrk. in comg ,up'd howy theo d th at? iewill i isen thra o rngeoom th wi theto sry behind ok 'sgo gr ndoure-binakewg n i s wat noe awarowof hh mucac y iditinwas di my et. i sowas us focn ed ongmaki go oood foid chces, d i hadeno iata thwa it s ma da tgingnahe eofmel te my eth. nti wao ed titfix , nti wao ed titfix ht rigy. awa my ti denecst rndommeroed aihe satd thna promel macan y ke mh teetngstroer, ithats t wartimpo tant,hat atthso is inmethcog i dould
7:49 am
ame enf el oeemy tth. onpr iamelfis delynitepi helng t meado le l thethife at wa i o nt reca pssseres nte thrlwod's t firs wbodywiash th rafragrence e leaslspear. uctourh yon skielto r easeagfre ranco up tou12 hrs. ca lresse lemain penguow s shthr loei a pelebb. msome, hoalesr.weve..
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ve u sa 3p to 0% onctselemond dias thin rhym. k atthe ay, ernumbje one stwelry oremein a.rica.. er evssy kiin begths wi. kay gu kays, weley jeours wlild reke to youmind...'s engageme sntson.ea a and,ngagll et emenand g weddins arring% e 20off is thday friugthroayh mond only. k at. thay..mbe nu er-onelrjeweore y st..for.
7:51 am
. tprisint thye past ar.d anebto celrate 'r wende extering ou% of 50fer y soan sou conave most ri vet&zon, a-mt or te raobiltes. y!mone avwe soted a l m of!oney sp the netrint iworkers fast. e'and, we re morablerelith, wi er betterag covane th ever. li i inke sprcaust bee rof thelieliabity. my s movieaddownloch f mur.aste 'ssprinttw neis..ork . [ sn fiaps ngers] fast! avnow, s ie $200ntlynsta wh ou gen yheet tng samsuga notlaxyr e5 ogs6, adand troue in yart r sme.phon witcso sdah to y. le(troubring heath on e,e phonvi sprisit . . nounanntcemeth: rmis stomise pro bs toe thebi t gges dof theecade. twithccotal aioumulatofn to up f threeeet. adrowills e but shwndoin indefitely. d anolschoars ose cl.ed mp ca sbell's go oupstgreawi olth a cd a d an rniceed.
7:52 am
i owknow his. it yo llu're ao set t a fbooktligh in us ag your cirlinet caredimird les. surpand !rise e sethossoats s metime cost aculoridiumus n mber ofiles, ng imakialt red ly harkto booe fl th yightt.ou wan ily,luckre theet's a bwater y...wi cth theal oapitvene canture rd. thwitu ven, rellyou'ar eunn milidoted leubes milon p everyase,urcher evy yd whene reou'rtoady l, traveju k st boofligthe ouht y want, aon anyne,irli en thou use ys r mileoverto ce thcost. you'now etre gomting s.ewhere at whn yo's ialur wlet? fl the rus.u viit rea's abilly .g deal d wi anevth fer, s, ache chi andlls, owmom kn nees it ds soa big :lution ntan aalivir. n' doart kid itound w h flthe l u, calocyour dtor thin wi f the8irst 4ho of surs omympts and abask out cr preson tiptiluamif. tattacklu vhe f airusitt ces sourh ta witu,mifl an ir antiv thal elat hpps sto roit fadm spreing the iny. bod mifl ta lu in iquidrm fofda is ovappred atto trelu the fpeop in wole twe aeks ofnd oge alder
7:53 am
be takforetaing miflu y telldoctour or if e you'rntpregna nu, g,rsin ve s hauseriohe calthtiondions, tore akheotr dici menes. if ev you dnelop a al iclergio reactn, sea re rveh,as ignsor s ofus unhaual be,vior st toptaaking flmiu d anoucall ydor immctorteedialy. enchildr andad esceolsnt parincutir malabey at n aeaincrd serisk sei ofs,zureco n,nfusio oror abn malha bevior. e thstmoom cdemon sief s arfectlde mi to m erode naateaus an vod .miting ti-fan?lu go ir antival
7:54 am
.>> a: dan 7:56 oen th d m an wdanaragne here.>> : kim yanou c countth on e lo cal fasorect forit a ltleoo gd ws nese the ysda. 'shereel kurly c wranith the ildeta s. w >>e are they envf othe na .tion hein t stea,he ty're dngeali th wi suobzerte atmper.ures avwe h le ae ittl obitf all chi out there, hrpa 4ump,4 desegre andou y manay wt tora gb a sw hieatsrtdi heangut ohe t ordo,bu t'r youte nong goio td nee hitth e teafn,rnoooo lkt a these ertempesatur, 70 and 75, 73 overth eke weendnd ak loo a ntext we ek,ar w umingp to 77or befe a cechanra of nin o urth.sday >> i seeha ttrt hea twahat s th oeren syunda foren val'stine da y, buthe tsre io n sneweetss on there fsewayht rig is th rdolle overeh v licleooks liket i gotar cleffed o the roadwi th pchth on dee si butoo lk ho w jdamme u ipt is oen th
7:55 am
erhend asonnd5 9 hbsout,ound at th islo swro f amn aenccidt on horanc and ata s vlledleehic re he oen th nboorthund lanes of th 5e 9 ahend tra ovellve tral me ti,ot n good ahend t uninbod 15 , slowro fmnd henerso and 15 so ouuthbthnd, ats iua actlly rm noalhi t tsimef othe daynd a e the sam for boinonund the95. t noin lovutg o e,ther k aim nd nada. d>>a:ano n o.buen so hn been o a icbarradeua sittion near ry ma plandayarkw andes dinert n nc sie 9:00 lastig nhthi ts. in thsg i going on 11 dymebord heaom s geotunshs re fiasd lt n.ight theyal c iledn o,metr aso pern or pnsersori bardcadehe tvemsels deinsi aid resencere thend a gh rit w,no s.a.w..ts i still on th ene sce just waiting this atsitu ionout.>> : kim i ctannot wai for ev neeryoo t seend amaa ercoop .e' sh gsoingo t lbeiveth on e raprogmh wit usn o mo.nday isshe ow n an asambasdor for the amakeis w fhatoundion prarogm he nre i town. er thehe s is with ourau dr ghte
7:56 am
7:57 am
re he s ihes onet snd a e thicamereoan pcaple n'tfoafo rd t fwaitdeor ihaas t tunsoodd gopa on bper,ilut wnel maver t ke iin th e real world. the grandmother o whs ha tochseooet benweay pgin for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a single mom who desrapelyte ednea s isracae t n'itwa. a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt cai't wt. c weakan male regr proriess ghtw nopefor aopleamnd fsilie o wh ineedt.
7:58 am
you're in the mood for love >>it> :0's 8 "0 ony.toda" coming up, time for a little ro ncmae. hoda delivers a special valentine just in time for t he g biday. ne a siw muvic cedeo atlebring lo erng-tvem lo. to bring out the romanc ti ainll of us. then one project, two legends. >> t rhengolline stos! w >>e illihecatc ws upmiith ck ggja aer mndtiarscn seor, se who areoi jngni fceortos bngri th ery stof o sex, drugsnd aoc rk ' 'n trolleo thll smaee scrn. >> h weavete qui g awoood g rkin tirelaiponsh. even though we're both used to getting our own way to some extent, we bh otowkne wvehao t rkwoit w oherth oppe. le not feeling the love? ng sindle ady rea a forht nig of binge watching your favorite
7:59 am
wh soy ame sreinayyog u shouldn't do that on valentine's day. day,tori fy, fdarueby 12ar, th .2016 x >>froxo om chicago. hay ppntvales ine' day. ve>> einryth bg isgeiginr texas. 'r wen e i btheppig ale! g>>d oornmog,inor n ctholara!in >> good moinrn wg,hiasngton, pa. we're back now. 8:00 on a friday morning, a frosty friday morning. it s i d19egrees in our plaza. ev cendeolinr om sote r heticies aup dndn owe thsteaoa rewe ae herurat oes mak hift fi itre psi outde.
8:00 am
op perele aez freing. >> this ie s the whitkeblant en sce. i >>tot's tough o sitisn th in thg. cit'sheold n re iyonew ndrk a ld cop er uosin bton. th wat's dhere dylanr reyeis. sh ate's i thec coniayfenwk. par 'sitee btrn sfand orme ainto ntwi serrtpopas frk aorre g at etcompn.itio 'r weine go gg too et tk checin wither hn ius j -tlo- aok tt he >> he s a'stht toe p. oh g, my osh. he>> see's p okingver. no int go dg to. o it ay>> me be wldshou h getneer o t of lhose tunch.rays >> or memofies d theorm. >> ct exaly. >> rs> fie t, w twantveo gi a ou sh ttoute o thn womebcof n ne hows w c areinovere g th presidenaltipa camign. eaandrch mit kell, elly nn o'doell, chris jaennz, casey hunt,al hlie n,jackso all lihighd ghte nin a ew"elle" ga mazine urfeate, cdalleee "mt e thls girn o the " bus.
8:01 am
ch iteck . out c >>atongrioulato ns t.them le get's cht a ofeck t theop or sties. ta imronsis int de adethe sk. >> t> inache rr e fowhthe ite e,hous d theraemocpats s rred ngdurieb a dwhate thile e pu reanblicars gefo up bar a ttle of ir the. own nb wsc nete whise hou rr condespoent kr n isteerwelkin is wa mil ukee twithathe lest. go orod m, ningtekrisn. t >>n,amrod gooinmorn yg toou. hi y llartoclind n aniebern ersandads trabed jers ov er evngythim frohethe calthare to ei forolgn picy. t bu it washe t issue ofho ws i e th brette atolly si pre dent aobamt tha asunlethhed e ar sh epestngxchaes. >> or rep ster:taecreilry h lary in clsaton heved arr sh pest ta atorck ft, lasus accing tosenarnr beanie s odersinf beg di alsloypr to enesidamt oba. t >> i -is ae - th okindf iccritthism e'at weave hrord fm na sesator s ndert abouour idpres ient,ec expomt fr blrepus,icano i dexnot pect om freo somunne r fningheor t de atmocromic nioinat sn toceuced idpresobent ama. >> t tha- is -memadare sec, tary th s at iw a lo.blow ep>> rr:ortent cliopon htoing
8:02 am
lihumig atinatdefene in w ha irmpshide, dlen't .t up b >>hout tinse kf ds oonpersal as mesessannts ard charges ese on at thin i frtd paaricully tr inoublg. en>> s, atorofone ra us n ai agbanst orack.bama i was not that candidate. t >> ia was y fierd en atoig nht w inhichan srsde andli cnton hammeredh eac o otherhever alth ,careoc sseial tycuri t andhe ic prg e taakof miting all enhapp. whmean tile,ophe gdi cans date are gngearip u forhe tir own debate, set to take place sa ayturd. tbuthez crupa camign doing some ma dage control, yanking this a r aftertrepoats tht than woma ap edpearad in fiult lms. lddonamp truh witsmhis stalle sursorte.
8:03 am
o>> d ,it dot! i i >>'t won f uselaoul gengua. 'rtheyl e alngsayi i, doo t, d . it i'no, t.m no ru>> taimp reysed wsebro on th ayursdn whealhe cthled pee po uoa, qvete, olry paliticso pern, ti ciisng hns pla t forexhe mican bo .rder , alsoadhe mbse jaje at shb bu, r fo his p tlansrio bngis h fo rmerhebrotr,or f pmerderesint gegeor w.h busut on o the ca gnmpaiil trah withim. a all udprel we ofwehat ig m ht e seenwh the republicans face off. t>>nkha. you po iliceion oh t areg ryinto fi nd aot meivor f v ausicio ta atn ck osdthuray. ma a thn wiac a mteheto sedrm aintoit medneerraesan rantaurt nd ra somlyinlashg stcus,omer ju in fringpeour .ople th e aacttker pledut b wasat ler un fod andho sutbyt ic pole. e thjofbi tinednvhe igaestition th ere. > >>hothe couse temmitnne baed th e e usciof ettgaren es o esplan. o atoine pthnt, waere cls a oud
8:04 am
s >>iso thca is alled po var.rize is>> vprual taesen.tion theal cniiforaub repnlicaai sd a tiniconeor vapizerel h hped im quitki smong and adrguey the ou shotld nba be onnedann ples. cothe temmitpre ap tovedanhe b. ngvapis iea alrdy fddorbin en o amostneirlis. > >> twhatt o gevafor inlente's da y? t pu ,0$100or wthf oth clotoing t goe o thcldry rseane. he's oinfferg a re,wardop hing to t gethelo cthesk bacer aftt i wa sut pn ocuthe rb. he ,saidle paseon c dtactead hu d sbaninwalkg. >> htones mie.stak t >> whatillt cos him.
8:05 am
oo>> gd ti,mingal v'sentine day. t>>roam tn,nkhaou y. >> n> up oext,'sk goic museo vid and thhow agey manpued to t ll i off. pl hous, u w yovecan haio fab y bedaour orte f valentine's day isthea y r. early gift for the special day. hoda premieres a new video brcelelaating losting n a ve i sp waecial y. gh riter t afe thesagmesses.l llin aus of . uthat urges ss to haketh ings up, ttoupurn h theeat, taand igke briger y whldshouag damaied hr le sithnce oiat vce? donew egve ratener iveno hmurisent wi edth rae algpl comex in f amuor tlat haurnoheiss to en rege eratemextr elyda d smfor , oothngstro andhe thalloy oking hair iasdaf gemaned r vepphaeden. donew egve ratener iveno hmurisent. mm mm mm mmmm, m, mmm , mmmmmmm m, mm mmm!
8:06 am
mm yomm, tplai ca skin re beconow skmes veinacti . ganew skrnier veinacti cl y brearleright. acthe aitive dstly moieruriz a withxidantioitnt vamin c th otat smohes, os bo rtsncadiae d anecprot.ts brsee htigkier sn in t on juseke we. w nerly cleahtbriger from garnier skinae.ctiv sf
8:07 am
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8:08 am
asit's cck dh ba v\j u. cithe blti dou ce cash ard. onthe d ly caretthat lu s yorneaba cash ceck twiever on y sepurcha with wh 1% ben you uy ands yo1% ay.u pa twowiths wayn,to ear m it a lakesf ot ocaother rds oneseemed sid. andsoupdw sand ich an cleanrealand ,and elfeg goin, odrt osof. and ca500 olories.r less th cleae pan ingsiren mu. anerat pa. fo itod as d shoulbe. peop hile tifnk calsornianve i lir n oualown re owieaur hthds in dse clou. li unke a bf ch oe spactscade. huh? what? di've brawn a. lank'swhatne my li? [d r]irectot!: rese
8:09 am
n ...iowour ttn liuble bble. juanst hn'gi! out weas if t 're noletecomply o down tearth. stbut juunch a bdr of ?eamers ay no w! 'rwejuste ik levere neyo else. u kn yoavow, e erag.joes star drt mingeaig bt a sitcviifalnia.ormco pb it&j. s ' pjust b&j. ssunle m youitake ht rig. entht icobes mesaa wind chasig my ht iasist um siea termao tken hamia akst e. asim se pl aasun s dny,ay t bu ajustrfs pe ect.wh ouen ye mak&ja pbth wick smuer's, th at'e s therdiff encetwbeoreen rydinary eve day d anquexitisy ellideouci sinn aerevayydor soft ay w . usbecathe wiam a nkee lism r'ucke is,s t ha btogoe .od >> e'> wre back. it's118:. ti orme f wshat're tgndin to day.
8:10 am
ctexpe fancyor aan m andom wan is -- >> ?78 >> or -- ?78 >> 76 for women. >> 82 for wo men. >> 81or f women. 76 or f >> re?ally >>wow. >> theso rean iri bng this ,up th uee qnstio b has beenhtroug wup, youldouan wt toiv le past ?that dwoul w you tantoiv le to 100? >> no. i >> wf ias thhealy. >> s you ay?no i >> d won'tant ,to no. >>er plyfect alhethy, you don't twantoiv le to 100? nit'sot ibpossle. >> ma nor lnloyd is 101 years old andas wus jtn i in"trak.wrec" >> ink thif i you feeld goor o de molyrate go iod,tou weld b . nice ou>> y t'reddhe ol baln o . this t'>> i asn ptexceion. th ede won prfuleeopl we me nentiored a the exioceptn. >> ye ah. >> a syurveas w deonn i ecconn wtion"tith ime" zimagane. 2, 000lt adu skeasd. % 77 tsaydhey't wan toiv l teo be100.
8:11 am
'r weine goog tlo exprege lonvity ne eext wkn o "t,"odayle cald vi lionng lrgend aiv lginet bter withro tamn llha. i >>u'f yore thhealy. wh ouen y say it, tshat' notha wt scome to mind. s >>he'sul plinghe t rip .cord s >>he .is >> i'm t.ou ha>> tt'll be fun next . week a wse're aware, ntvalesine' y da is su.nday gh mite bpt tem tingout p onr you rifavoomte rcanti mecody. do d noto it. an alerticth in e "inwash gton "postla expins elyxact y.wh ma rontic dicomeanes, cad i n ll te f you promnaersol ex enperi sce,inpendang myrs yea as a seinglpe ,rsonis it te lerrib for you. cyoureompar you life. u yoee fikl le t thathingt tha enhappned i ttno hingillul shod ha ppen to u.yo ro smcoms ihe tas ltng thi you sh douldfo i'r youene alon o
8:12 am
>> ch wat am"rbo." >> "gbuhosts.ster" >> "die rdha". >> ou y see the s.idea s >>taywa ay from 'v"youe got il ma. ". ta>> sywa ay fromug hhnt gra in negel.ra y >>anou cat't wchco romms but cyou wouldatch this. th sis i fabio. e thou famsan romce noveler cov de mol. 's he in all hislo gry in an in18-mute long yule logty sle devi foor vtialen dne'say. >> t' whaats th catg?doin e>> hay ls yevere onc in a e,while h says, ll heo, esladi. at th's .it >> llheo, rggo. eous em>> rrembeha wte hwasos mt usfamo for lerat inis hca ?reer t >>irhe bd hngitti him. >> the rrolle cor.aste >>he t o reds n hi. face oh>> , look at !that >> e w woulder nev show . that r>> ogh laut a .it >> , no ,no no. e>> hoe dsoo lk odgo. >> hello, gousrgeo.
8:13 am
you? >> t by heway,he trere a nsexpeive peexivnse thsieve on uveniitrsy mpcaesus. >> he tad cana e.goos t >>arhey tee sgalinse tho gsthine lik c. razy re>> gat s.coat al s.know c >>an'tie belvere the b haseen 14 he t ftsrelycent. th ese jtsacke are not p.chea they gony aewherm fro $700o t $1 .,000 >> our ad..d said her son sewed a tr ngackiic devnte iiso h atco. i >>t'sor w itht if it's00 $1,0. g >>meive my parka! >> caanad osgoe. >> pop t,star llwiie? >> st fir ,ups it' fonashik wee ninorew yk tyci.
8:14 am
shisneasohr teein le atis madon ua sqgare .rden dshowtidn' sadintppoi. s heang songs from his miupcong malbule whi the melodsed ly b om naiam clpbelod ston o e.stag e thda karnsshiae wer there. udinclinge ingingge iningar lam omod. sthe whowas tedweetbo autor me an th theoc demcrati deebatas lt t.nigh >>inibcredle. >> he t 80#4,000 metis. ny kae's show's hagasht was 00900,0 metis. >> t' tha ls aow .blow y >>ikou lehe t ,show ghrit? reour desi ntshfastionia. >> t nothe otclhes. i e lik the epconct. ey th y,sa tishis whate' wll be inwearng i 20 s.year ekany iso sar fad ahe of .us
8:15 am
up thera gysmmhi tsda suny. mi nod nateforen sevrd awas, in includlbg af um otheye ar. th ise lft o prmerfoerss i az aming. el ade el ade, lgaady luga, ke n,brya th e ctas of am"hn,ilto"ti jusn eb bier,ih ranna and more. sh boulde ae hug ghnit. >> llwiie,nk tha v youery .much > >>r. mer rokec, ch tk ofhe we r?athe
8:16 am
>> t' thasou yrat lest wer.athe a >>ncnnou aer:tl litean romce is ns spooredy b kesmucr's. uc smsker' isap hpy to celebrate happy couples. >> ist' meti. pa wort tf o ourtl litean romce esseri. onsdthuray,a hod pseromids u a ve pery scial levae,ntin and sshe'k bacs thior mning to de rlive h oner omprise. t>>oday isha tt day, erevy.ybod b ihtroug youhe te lov sestori ofcrinleedibpl coues who have st tuckheogetorr f moren tha ahalf ntceury. th erey w fe af ew otheta sf rs o ewa nus micid v weoe cedreat th wi w thengeddi rugus. as t mat idsa,hi ts video is my ntvale tinello a of you. th ore wreld pemier isom ments .away first, here's howe wul pled it off. >>go usrgeo. >>et quiea, plse. >> or rep tter: hisntvales,ine' i cide tde toowhr a rtpay. th uee gst list,ex ivcluse. on lyou cespl married more than 50 s.year
8:17 am
we watedchoz dens of sweethearts tw o sppteginhr tghouit kschen an d hallwsay across america. allor fha ttpe scial ienvitnd a haa cnceo t star in a music vi aal vneenti t forheom rcsanti in all of us. atfeinurg cplouesho w hadad me it work. but wede needhe t perfect ngso. >> hi. >> it's going to be esaw ome. ep>> rr:orteer ent ingrid ch mionaels. e shte wrohe tsehy cat netu ss. "l eittl ncromae." e onte lisdn anre we' hooked. it>> ltle maronce,ak te it me seedik let i hashe t rhtig an std ju. fun o >> dneit oe mor time. >> v theideo isoi gng tolo folw lecoupss ay' there gngetti ready fo r a big night out. m i' the hirednt etaermeinnt at the sweetheart dance. >> . 68
8:18 am
e >>boverydy rey?ad r>>orep wter:eea fture teshe bt e to ntaperspe irsn a dngancine sce atst fir -- >> 'm iti getng diy.zz >> where are u,yo dear? e >> wwere dnganci with2 1ef lt . feet id>> d you see her? re ally funny. r >>teeporftr: a fer aew ta -kes- >> pp steing frdorwa and ba rdckwas. >> or rep tter:hese m vusic ideo ne ew be wb ne aies,ll .pros te lar,ha we ve ouric offial thsweeeartce danh wit35 co s.uple i >>eet sikms le styey.erda >>63 s.year i >>h wis i hadha tt y.toda ok lo at atth. r >>teepororr: mhae tusn jt a ovideoo sht,e wan wto t ce brleeathe tse cplouesit wthh e ul matite ddweginus gurm fro theno kt coordinate every detail. e>> w wdante to meakhi ts so thmeginhe t cyanem rrembe veforer. o >>f ne othehi t ings lrnea ed
8:19 am
ysgus ihe womn sngethi is bnroke in a lareshtion yip,onou d't th irowtay aw. yo uix f .it 'sthatt wha you guys have done. ch eerso t atth. an dhe c ters yoou guys. i >>nk thi thiseo vid will st inille hopn i oppe tle,hat clovean .last it 's reallyns itipiraonalse to e oppe tletha have made it th ugroh. >> reporter: turns out, love, li akke ming aic musid v, eoketas persistence. y >>es! >> e her it mecos. 'r weoie gong t bngri you the dworlre pemier of tl"lite ncromae." ou y'reth in eoo mdor fe lov ou y i'reen th moodo tan dce
8:20 am
li ttle ranomce ou y're ien th mood for leov i see youss preloed cse s ieeou y style the hrai ast i seem ss, you'ren ieth lo veo tan dce tonight, i have the cnchaeo t yberouit ltle romance ghtonit,'m i ien th mdoo for love i'm all dressed upon thtig
8:21 am
when will tyhein flyal play uryoon sg 'm i ithn medooo tan dce i >>mi proose t ,loveon hor and ischeryoh u. >> j thefoy oy m life. toe havnd a to ho. ld >> i do, iov le u.yo >> i leovus jt hinavg him meho. uyo owkn e,ryveinthgor wdke out. >> 61 >> 0 5 setomnghi yearsnd a he ilst hl mase hilaugng. this isif it's the only chance i get f i ist' the oynlha cenc i tge ea rdyo troth twhees sho away away iil wl p,swee sweep,ep swe you f ofr youee f t il wil sweep, eeswp, sweepou y
8:22 am
o toube yr leittlan romce c han i tave chenchaeo tbe yo lurtlite ranomce can ie havhe t anchce,'m in i mtheood forou y you're in the mood fore m e' w irethn meood for love s >>o eeswt. >> n' was tatth? ahow tbouthose cos?uple m>>akes met wan toig snp uor f ba omllroci danngla c wssesith my wi fe. ri sey.ousl 'sthatll reayni ce. >> t.swee >>s hatff o to biron. kyounow how shean cut p thtogeer a odpronucti? e shk tooe car of .that we bhtroug youse tho orsties. th sere're mo. w we tantoea homr frou y .guys ethos w arengeddi bells and ey th r'rengingior f a asreon. avwe he aig b fat,e hug unannontceme. e thdi wedngba is ck. to ergethh witsiour ster
8:23 am
th wiro ang big, fat,od tay dd we iing,n honor ofhe tel rease of y"mig b fatre gek wngeddi 2." hi>> t hs isow it rkwos. if 'r youe gaen lged,ove the e,movie hav are g latove orsty, u' yohere t one ande wt wanou y etto g medarri on od"tay." go to datom/y.coinweddgsor f your chance to tie theno kth wit ouril famndy ayo urs, too. >> b therigge the fa,mily the more tebois.rous up adlo aho srtid v aeond c heck touthees rulnd a laregus.tion uibe qbock aut it. yo veu hant u filarebruy6 2th. >> wo w. n >>ot aot l of meti. >> i know. u yo ahave leittl bitf o meti. ge t on .it >> t.grea >> dahoha, tst wa fun. c gomin up,ig b air. st uepso p t pthelate at fyenwa
8:24 am
fit,rsou ylor l ca e on a8:25 m onthriis fday rn mo aing,t nd iis ceni to day.b3 k looat thyois, nnu cae ot b in ad a bd moo whenyoveu ha at thng goi .on gjustouorges anlld keouy, y ve ha re ballyoneen e ofth ose pe woplen e caoklofo to odr go ws ne. l al thisekwe b andeen em trusendo. >>kiwem: r arey ealloklo ing ou tht wi s hiermoth. e thwer athethout ere w no the la s ke iat 50re deg51es, in sothe asuther t fompteurerat es th is teafn rnoo 75des gree ctexpeed ghhipe temreratu. ts lo of sunenshi f, 73or sa ayturd s andy undaanrmd wa ing up n evemoy re bmithe ddle of
8:25 am
77!>> : kimis it ajustmeweso, at wh celseouan y? say th yoank ryu ve .much owi knly kel is r notnsespo ible thfor ate webuher t is a me e ssagshe behad roen pngvidi. >na> dahe: s didnontt corol it t , buasit w one tof hheseou ton hegooulf crse eryest tro sws at il stilon the amte e th olistn the e.scen e ther haveberien f endsab out 9: as00 lt ni orighbs saheid tary hed a man ll ye h forelp d an tthenwo ns gu whotsfiere s at i mwhen wetroas edcall , in they calsod allewain st a and onpers or rspearons e ba adrricnsed iide e thderesince th ere.ri noght w, eythju're st wag itin othemut. th aney wist th to d en efpeac.ully >> kiirm: terigar d fo ouan mo .nday avwe he dof se oinatspir ion, daaman co ioperlos a cal ud stanent d a rmfoocer lakal me a wiidsh k i whow s no an ssamba fadoror e th-amakeh -wis og prram.
8:26 am
in th e udstn io ipathe st t bu she wa s ntrecehely tne winr of the i$100 n ancoart t.ntes
8:27 am
8:28 am
d sh e llwi b bhee reheiv liv 308: now. it is ayfrid,eb fyruar --t wha tis i -2- 1th, .2016 ke taoo a lkt a atth. yo u'reoo lkingt a a hugeki sing andbosnowngardip ram setp un o th iee ftld a bo'sston hriistoc ayfenwrk pa. do tesn't thak loon? fu >> i mayte sal youran cnadia egoosat co. >>s it'll reaoly c adnd y.wind ndyla isre the and w ce'llheck w in hither in apl coue numites. we t'llory tvi connce hero t
8:29 am
>> nu sggle ,upgg snule bus.nnie i >>n' didtt wan to go fheor t >> why t?no ic>> mkag jger and mtiarn or sc tsesengeami up. we d satownh witupa cole le sgend to hearbo authe tir >> >uspl y,rouui g tdeo ntvalesine' day gifts. ma rthawa sterts ie hern o how to ma gketsif for yrou ledov on. es ha wst' vainlentdae's y th wiout y.cand w >>vee hagi ori inal tdeashat ar ete btern tha a t-hearedshap cu>> te. >> hi notsng ite betrha tn . this >>ea lping fslamed kinf o li gckin our cefas. >> can we do mesog,thin ?also n ca, wes thi mog,rninay s a kquic getel wl and a very, vy er hathy 90th bir tdayo a wo funderril f oendf ?ours ea grast blebal prlaye and a
8:30 am
is90od taynd a hn'ast been fe inel ag tlltha llwe. if 'r youe tcwa,hinge wov le you. we h wis youhe ty ver bestnd a a , very hveryappy rtbi. hday ug>> he hug toe. jo l >> ovehim. >> 's let get ahe cckth of e heweatr. e'>> wll l aooktur oke weend ou k.tloo sa ayturde , w shave anowndn rai hein tif pacic rtnot.hwes lo gokint a s somenowng alohe t no rnrthe new elangnd coinastle. ok lo fornt pleyf oun seshin in th e hwsoutest. ni ndce a .warm onndsuay,da suny,or recds low in the rtnot.heas tsnowghhrou g thereat lakes. icy mix ien thid msi mispissip ve rir llvaey. rmoreain and snowxp eands out st be. o90nun sy da lin atth w'st'hagos g in aonunrod
8:31 am
he 'sreha w >>ha tst' yrou latest weather. uyo kwno atwh? fi areutboha t hthig is peecrft. ywan,aye wveha seom fenrids ov e wherare yroou fm? >> >> you should have stayed in alabama. >> i know, right? >> e' w grelad you're here. >> ha t nku.yo >> ve o rhe,ree' wveot g a mbeemr fr om our hkeocy champs fans. you gsuyre a rdyea f torhe co.ld ntfatiasc. >> ahye. l >> get'sriet fendsve or here. wh arere yoe fru ?om
8:32 am
>> this is nothing for you, ri t?gh n>>o. it c'sfyom rehe. >> ve or he,re tt'ha wst'has go gin .on no lw'set hdeans ieido tat mt. >> i dtidn'ee s u.yo > >> the eemxcitentp un i onbost, 'v weeee bnho swing you talhis l rn mo lg. in ns i oteadbaf llsebaen, f iways me ho to a ski andno s bwoard mp coioetitn. ndyla is on topf ohi tssi mas ve mp ra. od gorn mo ing. oo>> gmod g.rnin nw fesnay i'tno kwnor f n its ose dbleets sea butre we' ash higs a you can get, higher than the li tsghs a nwfe.ay 's it all fheor tig b air mp coioetitn. i am jdoine byou yr cnbna a lyst forre fein skig t andhest fir er evd gollimedanst i slope estyl ngskii.
8:33 am
ewe'v a got sportt tha ihi tnk is we -- in're m theeiddl of todownwn onbost. 'swhatng goi on rehe? >> iesnter ltingioocat nwise. wean w ttedo iduntrocehi ts sp iorten thht rigy. wa inrd ooer t do ,that weec d ided utto p itig r ihten th meiddlf o thisri gloousie pce ofme acarin antiquity antiquity. hopefully thewd cro wouldho s w tandhey did. dane wad h ara cedck lmhe. et w>>t happhaedenas l tghnit? >> i took a nasty bail in practice. i ended up getting a little co sincuson. no gthin m too aajort l,al just a mildon ciocussn. t bu i hado t pullt, ou savey m he ad. i had toat whech t . boys ou>> y'reee fling ?okay i>>l feere ghiat ts inmorng. th beoysut p on aat greho sw st laht nig but iou ctldn' be a opartf it. >> 'r youote nng goi tope comte ghtoniutt b'r youeop h tingo co empet in big air,th in e 2018 ym ol,pics ando alsn ipe slo yl ste.
8:34 am
sh bould le a rongoad there, but 'l it wl be iortht. s >> yinceeou'rti sitngs thi wout,vee ha the astnalyn o sk is. i e hop yeou've donhi ts fobere. >> ot n rehe. th ksan for binringhag tt up. >> 'v youe got ,this man! >> e hers goe nog.thin here we go. oa wh! ck baip fl. >> ,oh myh. gos >> inamazg. i >> pt's iure ocen theay w .down i don't event wan top stelo cse toit. lu ,keow h'dt i go? ho ouw would yat re atth?
8:35 am
ro gueflbacktip a i8:30en th mo g.rnin no t bad. e'>> hsn been aly anaigst eht ye ars. to o gout andow d tn -hat- >> t thawas neinsa. ma d oppr s. t>>t'ha hs towt'has done, guys. ethig bir ape comontiti nt cosinueni toght. it'll be on c-nbsn. gu ys? >> a i'm skier. i id dn'te lik the sound ofny a opartfha tt .ramp ti'll yellouht rig now,ha tt is pu re e.ic dy n,laha t ynk vouyer chmu. >> inamazg. >> wo> tns ico and p onectroje mi cong up. martin scorsese and mick jagger are joining f forcesor "vinyl." iewill talks tohe tm both.
8:36 am
th sis i "t"odayn o nbc.> ch> ra hael:appyal vneenti's da
8:37 am
ysalwae bse desrt if you okco. t ahereewre feo p wplereho a re moli quafiedo t tellhe try sto of sex,gs dru andoc rk andol r l
8:38 am
he 'sea tdmep uit wh mtiarn scorsese and tceerente win r of "board "boardwa lkempire" fame. ey the hav a d,rama yl"vin." t >>hiser s bieshtroug theogetr th e twoco ins toho sw then dow and dtyir ofew n york's 7019s simuscc eennd a the shady sibussnebe hind. it s>>who people how rock and roll is supposed to make you feel. ea h kvennowshe tyan wto t ha>> wst wa itbo auts thi odperimi, tck,he 1970s,k roc d an ?roll lyouived it. e th ishowt s no sjustdrex, ugs an ckd ro and,roll it's a vo pi talt.poin m >>thore es.drug t >> aherellre ase tho gsthin, to be r,cleaut b it'sls aout abo ethes newen g oresfic mus mi cong. >> k roc r and iollsin defyitel inerthe, bute win kd o tfouch heon tt fac thathe tre's other ge onresf music. e'theruns pk stngarti. g we tetheeg bnginnifs o hip
8:39 am
w itas ay verxc egitin meti. w ne wyorknas ait excing place, ou thght iwas ptyover sketricn, n ruwndo. ne rtvelehe,ssde itsp oerve gsthint , i awasug hyel civreate ripe iodn myan sprehes. w>>e deecido tet shi tsst fir ri senes is thi pe.riod he>> t '70sas w aer p oiodf ea gr etemxcitentor f. me gibeinnn ogs afllhe t wkor iid d in fi,lm andic musas wd tie into that colemplyte. >> y andouse u tdhe stoneth emes ugthro thouthe e.movi >>s it'ha w wtas in m lyifet a
8:40 am
d >>u o yo ahave fitavoreto snes so ng? >>ld cou be, iv"gee m teshelr." >> t' thahes t one. t'>> is insttereing, wde enp u g usinitit whoutay sgin wree' in goog t use it. y>> b the y,wa my fitavore esstonon soog, t. >> "e".xile >>o dhayou ve aor favite album? >> ian c r'tememrbehi wch sgson ar oenhi wch m,albu tbeo ne host. >> or rep eter: ivenf ckmi's me omorys f hiown cogatal is va e,guha he sn'trgfoteotnhe t of tenha susdy bsines ndbehi the ng sos. >> o oneef th key tshingha tt mi cknt poiuted o when hee cam to me o tsi posmably fke aonilm e thje subctnd at' id beor me ab toutheic musin bus tess han tabou the atsrtis t andushe mic. mo re aboutow h b theesusinn.s ra hi>> wasch wzy cra in lfitse. w itasgn aliedh witthe
8:41 am
ota l ofpl peoe inemagi the si bussnenmef orewe saitrtghac led tbuhe twey re no t. y >>adou h that experience with some of these guys? >> yeah. >> the rolngli stones! >> okay. >> reporter:co sersesec dirted th 00e 28li rol ngstsone' medocuy,ntarin "she a ghlit," t buyl vins i their fst ll coatabor wionthith woe t s.icon t >>uywo g wsho hadre ceativ co lntroir theti enre cas.reer ho idw dou y work geto?ther wawho ns iar chge? w >>vee ha a goodor wking la reshtionip. ev hoen t wugh be'reothse udo t getting our own way to some extent, we both know we have to work with other pe.ople uyolw asayan w itt tbeo the be .st ethhi tngbo autar m atinnd, iwe th bot wanrfpeonecti,no kwing 's it keunlioly t ha.ppen anwe w atsh mucs ae w can >> y thek worea rllyl wel to ergeth. e thie serss i t.grea si wali telng youuy gss a weat s fdownheor t teinw,rvieco serses ,saidod go w,e'reng goi tom boo
8:42 am
hert staedir dngecti the ensegmhit, wasch wl coo m fore totcwah. >> 'v youeee bnec dir btedy or sc. sese >> i.have the sseriemi pre oeref yl"vin" unis sniday onght m thboo. >> pe> sgakin ofc,musi haveou y tseen nhiseweo vidy bo?ok g "u epsidwn do, inside "out. ey tht sho itn io zer avgrity. ch eckhi ts out. >> so coullorf. l i ove. it he>> ty took 21 ftsligh iner zo itgravoy t s thoothat o.vide w >>oue shold d it. i >> wouldee nd 21it ltleag bs for that. >> q>lyuick ian wot t goac b tko on e g.thin
8:43 am
mi ck ja.gger oudo ye hav aor fav ritengolli esston song? t>>o be nehost, ion d 't mbremehier wch songs goh wit wh ich m?albu y >>eou'r sngitticr aossm fro on fe or youer hos ande' h bseing mick ja.gger do i knn't haow wton sgsre a on wh ich album, alrely. >> t thaee ndsbe to a jif. >> p itblrobalry aeady is. >> >th marawa stert h uelpsse mak
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> fi> rst,s thi is >> e'> w breack at 8: 47. va inlent de'ssay is thi sy.unda etno bwater sy to yhowoure lov an thak ming shiometrong fm sc h.ratc wlooksho i rehe, maarth ew start,re c oatorf all tshing au beltifu ise herh wit ydi oj pr tects ehatvenhe ss saye w ca n ermast,ch whi is unl.usua w >>omen haveo n tre.oubl >> s ae wo d esthe,ll wi aie,l and ,me we'll playth in e grback,ound ouror fav liteove
8:46 am
>> dy reaor f ?mine >>. yeah >>an f out. ll te me ifou y know whohi tiss . >> barry white. >> el wl done. awhatere w ngmaki? >> he t asereut beaiful vases. lo owok h etprty. >> t areheyd har to ?make >> wn'ould ytoure wifik le a br kfeatas pwiray th wtray hithnier i tial on it? w >>shat'ou yrwi fe's iainitl? >> i need an "a." t >>'shereo n .""a t pu an ""mor f ma.rtha di'llo an "m"or f matt. >>'l shele lov . that ou>> ynt pai aor b wderithhi ts l- alospurprae cft inpat. esth aere snctesilou y can buy t athera cft orste. erevodyb cyan access these with no icdiff.ulty pu het tte sncil .on un poitce wouh yr paint. dyouon'tt wano to d e?on 'm>> ioi gngdo to o thene
8:47 am
do it puthi tres he? >> rehe. y >>ouo d it. yo u'reet bter than . me ou>> y goik le .that u yout phi t osff after --ul shod ve hase chon a moreim sple tt leer. >> s thiom cesut o befuautil. wai wshit rtma,ha neantte,ut b i wasnk thiingf o you. ether we go. >> t let hatdry. , hi .al wh ato d we have? at whg sono d youveha? nowha tt's bifeautul >> "ugenforlettab," hamart. e >>boverysdy i fountarget ble. tr>> ue. bu yt mif we is more rgunfoblettae. s >> aomere more etforge.tabl >> ry?eall >> heombr t.hear e than bnern dow here is all mb hored. ta ouke yr csraft glue andnt pai
8:48 am
it ad's me out ofea hvy bocardard or rbfibe,oard atwh.ever en the whave fourfe difrent lo cors,es tonf o glr.itte gl ritte comesn iea bulutif rscolo now. u' yo gre aood tepainr, al. wo>> t coats. >> one isug enor h fo.this st juer cov the whole inthg. tstar wthith eht ligest color on e th top ando gdo wn. >> t wan to move othn wi mr. t geisewhil i cnuontie woinrkg? >> he s dsnoe t'tstru u.yo >>e won d'tav h teime for tscraf. c >> oomen ,down ma.rtha ha>> wt'sla pying w?no it>> ltle fr ank. y>> m rifavote. >> he"t wayou yoo lk nito"ght. >> ie lik that. >> ot i gos lnt iou yr eyes for a ndseco. at wh w areoie dng ?here >>ll we'av he cesandlor fr you
8:49 am
e ar g youoing toe hav ay sex din erdinnva on inlente's? >> ol absy.utel g >>ood. yo unu putch o the hs.eart ha>> w tt ismahis alteri? >>wax. yo anu cly appse the arhets. lo owok h easyhe tyun pch out. he tat i up a leittlit weh th ir ha r.drye gh rint o the leittl arhet. wa trm i up. >> a nd>> aly appt iouto yndr cale an d it aysts. >> cool. >>nice. itys staht rig on erthe. you cano d allfe dif srentize tshear. yo anu cak meil pdlare cesandl to inet som shingalpeci. >>ns i incsi de iheid t onlineat ding gthinh wit u,yo wreho a you dispenng levae'ntinays d ?with >>e nic oppele. fr ,idayur sat aday sndy,unda i'm fl ying out rethe. >> w.wo >> t jus inkiddg. i shwi. i .wish lw>> a nays ticeo .know rt ma tha, yhankouer vy chmu.
8:50 am
>> in' dideet s that ngcomi. i >>e hav g tohaet tt imageut o m ofeay hd now. >> t allhe iucnstrstion aren o to up next,ow ho thi tnk ou idts te bhe woxnhe itom ces to va ntlee'in dsay
8:51 am
>> e'> wacre bkt a .8:53 no haw tout yno k hwow toak m e
8:52 am
nyou seedweetat treso t goh wit it . lo sri i styleir drecto at oo"gd ho eeusek"ping gama,zinee hero t lp he usnk thi ouetsidth of e x. bo oo>> gd mog.rnin l >>ifes i alike o boxf oc chesolat w but te'regakin i t up a tcnoh. >> n you kevernow what'r youe go ing to y >>avou hooe ghid t fngsor . us he>> tnt poi i wanto te maks i th aese arellti sll aiave.labl u yoig mht incur a costo t er ovtnigh. it d weid ad goo jfob o fngindi ca lolho ctecolase herand ascros e th coy.untr su sort mallbusssinees, as ll we. lv ma oi isfut oth norca naroli. is th a isak bedho ctecolaoo ckie wi tthhear mmashowll indesi. ithisoms fr aba husndnd ae wif .team oc cheolat on chatocole,ch whi i dhear you .like 0$6.5 f por aofack four. >> ov i le . it f>> iou y like ychour atocole in nbrow nibrowres ook coies,se the are wfromhole odfos. >> can i try?
8:53 am
esth ge fomro $2994. to 4.$3.99 re lyalun fnd aic ne to geiv to your thswee. eart ou>> y can gethe t bsey ntvalesine'y? da y>>ou canve ohtrnig them. >> . wow hi>> tons 'me, iti parrlculay se ob ssedthwi. th sis iro fmd woo house olchocate. do youik le pteanute butr cups? >> love . them hi>> ts has redoastea p, nuts home homemade pteanu br.utte $1 6. ithisris bttle rkba. a mompl triedhi tsus bsines ca be tuserehey' so diade.ctiv ea sp okingf lyfami-run si buesnesswo, tis sters in br ynookl. mi faly aysunds. th reseun7 $o t .$8 if you love aho clacoteer coved pr l,etze risps,nklety sal eecoff,th birday .cake lo ve hot ocche?olat >> lo ve.
8:54 am
syoutir itn i andt' is all reay ca de hdentot olchoc ate. e'>> wavll h tehet lis on to coday.odm/fo. r foe morn o the sweet tstrea. nt wa toau lncho int soinmethg? >> one remo. 95$32.. is th is used as aic medal ldmo. t >>hees rtil wl be on.line ha ppy ntvalesine' y.da >>an sav tnahkoo a flal onhe t d>>a:an85 on6 is thul fabous ayfrid. ke bat ry iis e knifr othe than wwhatvee hang goi onh wit this ba adrrice tusin.atio l we'lge tt toiche ne pondrt a e thwer athe kwith ellyin the ntmome. atalk aboutg lont nigh for lo cal po aliceeys th couentin
8:55 am
th avey ho e twpe ioplen a home swiththwap at haend bele cald in . 'v weene be outerthnce sie e th rl earny mohoing aurs,e nd w nt co tinueano std on thesc ene so re the is l stilno re tisolu is std arte:0at 90 p.asm. lt gh nit enwh one tofephe rrsorte t goheto t ignehohborod, ig nes hbor weresa tying hey he a ard malln yeored fp held an tthenwo hoguns ag aain,iss th icbarr ade si iotuatn couentin ws weill st n ay ooftop it. neour ewxt nt scasewis n s 3 li t ve anondon aef hop ullyth is wi e ll b donebyhe tann thd ey re tisolu on.>> da 'na: fes wi hasenbe out e therfor thhoree haens beon a lg ni ght.le lot's ok oatorur ft.ecas el>> k ily: s log okint,grea te atmper wuresarm upy ver lynice. re hey the alookt whe'at w re se eingrinoght w. ul boder tycito up 61 des,gree 5 atas4, l vetogas 7day,5 gr de ilat wl tie thecat rseord t in19
8:56 am
rm waing ba 2ckupn 77 owedadnesy d ana cechan r forain owsh ers on sdthur ay.>> : kimly kelnk tha u.yo an>> dona: ndmooray m oningne o ofavur fesorit shwis kid of al l meti. e shis owgruping t fasand she 1 isar0 yed s reshe edceiv whher inich 20 13 to t meethe caf st oher fa tevori. t.v showus aantin d li ale. e shoiis dreng gat datohey, s n is ow akemais-a-wh ba amorssad.
8:57 am
8:58 am
sh ise a s thiinmornong od t'say take, katieme hol hs inoser mt te ine nsleroye t. and mickge jagndr a marnti scorsese. and cakes, crafts and more for va lents e'y.da th 'sat all coming up. from nbc wsne,s thi is "today's take"it wh al roker, ta nalie lemoras,li wileei gst an mrd taalon hl. >> co welo me tay"tod a" on id froray m.ning uafebrryhe th, 12t6. 201 rowe b oughtrour cnwd iht tig to th irat ft.e pi ntheyiteed t s it i hcoldinere y nework ci ty. al ren ly ie largs partheof t un cotry.
8:59 am
>>hi ts resmind mef o my ptsaren wo 'tuldnet l mt e siheon ta. sof he>> ty onlerdiff iencenot's t at coned i aspltic. no piclastli svep cor. >> yanou co 't ghein tre. >> on i d'tno kw iwhy,e wok up kithinbong aut .this ng huut o withe soml cooir gls st yey.erda l >>ngooki redhot. eewe nd it,ec b tausehiske weend h weteave atmper puresctredied to su be rob-zem fromithe d es wro t, t--the we mido st tthe ea oast cst. 14 inew nrk yo, 8 in onbost. w itlilet gol crdeda suny rn moing. i an met', isng goio tbe br.utal take ak loot a the agimes,hi ts f isrom rasc,nton nnpeansylvia. 12h inc w materainak bres sp rayier watfe 20 ntet ie o th cair,inoverhog smes,ttree si gns,er powin lites wthh a ick sh ofeet . ice ani meke, li o outmof a vie. it ra's czy. th eyin fallye were abl tohi cp
9:00 am
>>w.wo >>.yeah ithats beunablievle. >> alunre. i >> tsn'that azcry? >> wepe snt aot l of theee wk in ma stnche ner,haew irmpshe, co ngveri thema priry e.ther g weot y.luck usbecae'm ioo lking at the on phe,eg neativ 8 toowmorr, ne vegatin 6 i mastncheer. >> it isge danlyrous cold. p soeeople havo tck chen othe rleldey, kchecr you .pets sdres inla .yers fr itostbean ccc oerur vyck quily on exdposeas aresk of in. pl beaseree ca ful. ou>> slinds gke aweood d eken afor nk blandet a keclicr. >> >e wareti getng aak sne peek of si pre denta'obampps ancearae on ll"een" later on y.toda thest firy ladad h ae nic ntvales ine' mdaygeessa ande h onresp idednsi preiadentl form. >> ite wan wd toishou y apy hap va inlentdae's y. o soasur lnet ot tha we'llpe snd in w the hhi aousend in h onor haof ttro i woute yit a ltle va inlentdae's emy pot thai
9:01 am
se rores a red, vtsiolere a blue, yo e u arprthe enesidd t an i am byouroo. >>eb som codyd allesithe iotuatn om roca, bethuse aingsbore aut to h getot. ee[ chndrs ala app]use usbeca le iyoove mu so iuch, am obe acart aboumoyou haren at thig's rht. ob aramace. t>>his is the mann i thet las ye far o his idpres.ency yienjoimng h. self e >> hsowas er modd n anhip. ob aramace. >> iba oremaca u.yo a >>nd iho tughtd he' breakut o in ar mvin yega. >>e has h t goet- -hayou o ve t inget heto tsi pre'sdent chspee. wi i ball oremaca. you ha>> t t's.cute 'sthater v ycute. >> one thing the cold weatheisr odgoor fs i iupnwn fearay pink bo .ston
9:02 am
ethed rox sla pyo int thein wrte ithiss a 40t-fooh higw sno .ramp at fenway. it's a free skiing competitn,io la dyn was there. it out. >> wo w. na s ilethan lngdiig r hterth e. >> t' thas inibcredle. >> t' thas atl lite teyirrifng. fr heom t topf o the ramp. >> s howmallhe t bmotto l. ooks ow>> ht fasyo do inu th-k - go ingwndo? i >> d'ton owkn. >> doesn't maertt. doesn't really matter. >>t' inos tht eee spd. >> t jusouso yp stoheat t tt boom. >> d goot,poin r mr..oker >> this isn o nbcsn this we enekd. ch k ec oit.ut 'sitnr ul eaatwhhe trey' able to do. we s ieett a o theiclympd s an thnow ope pele of boston will itsee . w >>dohat haes telt fee? lik e'>> wevll nnoer kw. ug[ la ]hter ev>> nveer er . ever
9:03 am
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9:04 am
he e re hist aa pcubli t.even sopy hap teo se him. >> obslviouy,us jt in racontst, wandone d k'tnow andha pernps o th eir owsh,y' thellel tl ry eall hwhatneapped d an hisnejoury. he ee's bnn ieh rab whiith s drchilisen vgitin him. th eey'vut put o aou cple st inmsagra. >>amg.azin sp ngeaki of rus,nwayro tamn lk wa tingheun rway for aci speal us eas lt ghnit. >> >> me acari hnrtea ascison'atios go redor f womened rre d ss ll coonecti. er thoue y - see- >> llheo. >> ro tamn hall! >>i h e.ther g >>ood thingt than' wast y.toda >> k loot a u.yo ye ah! >> my golly. t >>wahat sar mkau ber t andhe edgo r -- >> h you taveoom ce out ofr you el shl .more youll rea.y do >> dab! er>> h we'shat ppha,ened a nd ithiss theos gpel truth. mark uebar,t' thas his eacr.tion
9:05 am
20 ut minefes b iore i putt .on yo nou kw this,nd a alis, th is al l ,shows t iwhen'm e-onneon-o at ieparts, do i talko t pe?ople no>> . b >>veelie o it rnot, i'm ahy s rs peon. ou rma azing pr, she's ,like reyou' ,hereth in e esdrs,ou y ve hado to it. >> y andou did. >>lo ferencde henrson was my in atspirion. sh ade h r heroben o and ba llsicay diedsrobng goi out on e th red ca. rpet ha>> t ot'sur .girl lo>> ferenc was ,likeo d it and ownt. i ou>> yke lood azameing. >> h youadat gre cnyompa. an fr chdreser,an vhina wte. >> s. ye asit w all for aoo gd e.caus ike wald inor hon of my a wuntho ss paed ayaw. ooi tffk o aon mthgo aro fm .work erin h nohor. seplea gor ove teo th wee,bsit th e acameriarn hesot asiociatn, an ard leren mout abo how we as
9:06 am
he ,althe havn aua annlm exa and mi rehend tom w iennr you life. it re's go at t ahaveat gre red sdres b butrette h toave a hug fr ouom yr mom, ntau,ed lov one. he>> tt next bes g?thin se a cretreadmir. whatenhapped? e>> w hadam jal on thew sho eryestday. th een het twes .this en wh'r youe tinryg hdar not to no igoure yrdy budl aok rer usbecaoue yt jus want tota sre at ro tamn hall. >> k loo at him. >>co mallm majarnl-waer tedweet .this >>lo fol uwingp ,with thenl oy an ngnoyit paras w not hgavin ti ome tsk a weillist geio t etradts sea with me. >>see,ou y g -uys- ayok. eryest iday, a wasedccus of ir fl wtingh iteth pmv oef th r supe.bowl on>> v mi. ller ho>> w was adleorab. adi me ae jok and i ryeallas w notli fgrtin with him. >> . no w>> ilias fg rtin mwithlmalco l.jama
9:07 am
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9:08 am
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9:09 am
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9:10 am
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9:11 am
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9:12 am
m so dy kidsavon't h fore toage,tw got to jobsy a o pagamortge, and i've also got a brain. li 'sfert shota, s lk ieachp. ll i'work be whing u ile yosleep. il stdon'l tht k ini' gotve b ain?ra yo ink u thsua renome's eugh? o' whp ll stehenup w ingsthet gough t? n'doyou t ntwa thatnd okiaif brn? dea ee igra s greede. reyou' w gonnasoant e m t buf only ihaveyou ra a bin. > >>ar mtin scseorse, a hwoollyod .icon cahis sreeredpannrl nealfy ha a nt ce wury ithedincr, ibleicicon fi llmsike ax"ti ivdrer," ristarngob rdeert ro ni. ur fo years tela hr,eme teapd u th wi droe niin aga forra " ging ."bull
9:13 am
or scsese wonis h firstar osc as dbesttoirecr r fothe ar"dep"ted. ashe win nom aatedgainor f he"t owolffal wl etstre." w, nos he'ea tmedp uit whn a up an din comgrt aisted namic mk ja , ggera for snewserie onhbo ca lled"v."inyl it bo's aut theri gyttk roc and ro ll snecen i norew ytyk ci. >> so wordn otheee str itshi ts ishow0s 2ea yn rs ithe starte ads ail f ymouit pched to ma irty,ats thri ght, mick? y >>eah, itld wou be a foouur-hr mo vie. th saey id, marty, it had to be cut to three hours.
9:14 am
>> i said, two hours. >> reporter: theyou fnd a heom onhbo, where the series captures the x,se drugs and rock and roll of the music industry that jagger lediv ugthroh. on f e otheor act osn the ,show ck mi's son, mejas. >> h wead thisha cerracttt wrien fo nr a up andin comgk pun .band i ,said i hate to do isth, but i'm going to throwy m sonn ithe mix. he nt's io theun pkk rocan bd. t pu him innd aee s howe h does, ro thimw hth in e x.mi hii t hnkeom cesut oer vy go. od >>er vy llwe. >> ep rteor sr:rscoeess i a ro gllin snetos fan fromay w ba ck. th eba'snd micus h basnee the soundtrack to somef othet mos mo meerabl sscene i hnis fi lms. he>> tus mic that ryeallco sred ifmy lte at thain pot. theus mic it kepat reling toas w the esston. >>av i h ge auessas b oedn how tmanyimesou y'ved use it in a e.movi oudo ye hav f aitavorene stos ?song ou>> celd b "gmeim shr.elte" ha>> tt'she t one!
9:15 am
ja ergg wkeord withhe tat l e ddavi bowie. they rctefleed onhe t loss of a lo imng-te ndfrie. v >>ery ddsag.enin you know, in' hadent seim hh suc a along meti. it er's v ysad. h iad node ie a h twashat i >>et mim hth in ely ear 0'8s. i wdorkeit w hhimn o "last te timptafon o stchri." ay>> mbe'd youea l arnle .sson t >> hankyou, gementlen,o s mu ch. i re appeciat the.time racongtitula ons. ha>> tyonk u. t >>shanko s .much >> c youanch cathe tst fir episode of "vin"yl ts hindsu ay h onbo. >> ah> wead, ce'llatch up with katie holmes on her inetens role in t fheilm "touchd tfireedh wit ."fire he t video t that'llurn you upsi ddenow andns ieid ouhu maman naintegunce uly wod alactue ly btlexacaty whm. i a t i goanto hpig a e.ctur
9:16 am
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9:19 am
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9:20 am
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9:21 am
neis o but l weookwa forrd to evwhatheer tny cae comwi up th xt ne. ha i vero pdposet tha the "t"oday te am enreacthi ts video. alok rayer s nsot enhapping. .okay it's esprt'idens day wndeeke d an levae'ntinays dke weend but ermothay's d hase com rleay. we n'reotal tkingut abohe t daholie'y, wre tngalki about the newsttuar-sddedie movm fro one of myav feoritdi orrects,ar gy hamarsll. ho yaovo! miesas hhe t esixcluve pr remie t ofhe new terrail and it has at lis of sta-liers. ifjenner toanisn,e kat onhuds, li juoba r, ertsheand yre'sour ek pe. h >>er ex just got rrrema ied,to alike, r-12-yeaold. >>hi, y.sand >> ! hi >>'m i here for ajo b. >>ell t me moreut abos thiween t d anr you ex-husband. i'm>>ur se i exaatggered. havi'llbee a detter iea onc the acnear cles . up >> y canouo g to the rmarsupe ket. w >> dohat youneed? >> e,juic gs,eg and tamnspo. ha >> wst doet tha mean? m>> tamn othes.
9:22 am
t don'haknow wtt tha s.mean >> iee nd ari pcehe c ockn or cgani -- wo>> t nsso. n >>iceee mting youdy sanh wit two sons. >> ov i let ial ca wn't taito see that. th uat'spy my.alle staylorswift i t seton ope at seringes i nominated for seven awards, idinclunglb a oumf ye ar t year. thet lis offo percerman an cenound so fxtar eveensi, el adade, ly ,gagae luk br,yant ju stin erbiebe, thas ct of "h toamilhin" wch we're so teexcid t,abou rnaihan and't isn rikendc lamarng goio t rfpeorm? khe'sing ofhe t mygrams, ghrit? t le meno kwec bseau alays s beat sound. just eaahd,e'll w cchat up with ti kamee hols to talkbo a huter m newovie a wnd shathes think of a "dawn soeecr k"rekema. >> a>ndl a ishi wleppp u rasterwb sryrthoak c aeerftr you l loca anewseand w.ther th latksoooo gd.her.
9:23 am
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9:24 am
. an>> da: jbeust 9fore:30 m.a. t onfrhis idayinmorng. m kiand daagna whener re i and hloveomis m fingghti ckba. k >> sim: he aismeweso. e shis ooso g d at.this guthe ryys ting akto tr e he e,purse sh nsaidy o wano ho w i am notleg ttin you.>> da ana: hend se tak them down ! isths iatur a bkiger ng d an heanotn r mameco ts inlpo he t. ou idhe d nott ge wawaythith e pu idey d w allotohim ve lea the st buore t t nocepoli a areg skin yofor elur h p infig ndin him.if yoowu knth anying abthout 38702-555-55. >>kilem: tt meell yo u it edwork outoknday as thin woma
9:25 am
cal po tlicehey ndoe ot broa he an m d i' sglads he ioknday a it wo rkedoul t alt.righ >> da lna: get's et aoklo on th e refo.cast manype wopleinatch g it now, a and oflot pe hoplea ave e threweday d.eken >> llkewhy: at pet rfecngtimi r foe the-threday ekwewiend th th e atweweher 're viha ng.ta ke alot ok a fhighor dato y, 76 in ovn,ertogh laulin 76 gr dedaees d y an linegas v as 75 . at thl wilthtie e coreetrd s in .1954 eg73 d rees tovereehe w kend and we l wil warmckbane up eext wk webut ha do ve aorststm sy em co minghuon ty rsda that will not ertempesaturn. dow thisenweekd. d >> ana:o up tn 80 o eswedn day.>> : kimn eveif yoveu ha nd moffay o weou enc yrageo ou t wa p ke uy earl withusau bec se wh t y noarst tt upewhe n we ek wi dth aofose inatspirion tecourf sy odaaman ercoop. e shheis t on te inenhe cter g alon owith ther kwishanids d at th is d ourteaughr. sh jue's n st aawe esom nkid,ot
9:26 am
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9:29 am
br ain feslush withee fodl go ch alemics when bhtrougp u to pl raeasubleme slls or si. ghts >> > a sdytuou fndum hsan micim theac ff es orsothetd woul rea ssit whout alreiniztg ind a thera beein fls mi si slartiensaonspa of st ex enperiances ead crtesn a st inant resespon. > >> w at holefo yods, mouight get a tttaoo. cthenyompa is lngooki for rt pa tnersoet s up shop ints i w365holeoo f dsetmark. th eey'rop hingo ttt aract young peshoprs. ll caried f oendsf 365. il wh pe noerartnves han bee rmfi ued pt,yehe t cyldou udinclode bye car ucprod ts, rdrecoho s apsnd toatto orparls. p openc frasis in o h wisay to cuba andhe tn me.xico to day o bnoard thene pla to nahava. g heot aif gtm fro aex mican
9:30 am
lo goks ioodn it. e thti ponetff r turnse o thvat cann v --anatic in ak. wee >> > tusa,rdayha we ve wet we ratheth in ace pific hwnortest. la ffke-esnect owho s lwerseft er ovun arohed tre gat s.lake ld coem ttupera iresen th upper dw mi aestnd noasrthet. f asouar ssth a nerorthn idflora. su ,ndaynd su way,ee aroo l king mofor nore somw fr u the pper tgreaes lak t allhe wayn dow tintoulhe gf t.coas arain indce in eebetwn. in ra s andnown ohe t picacif rt not.hwes rdrecos lowun sdayor m iningn e thor nsttheand a-a midtitlanc at stes. 10 re degooes c tler ihantho suld be fl in a.orid
9:31 am
th >> t thaouis yrat lest wer.athe w no toay tod odfo. ase desrt not onlyer pfect for ur yos kidut bls ao a rtiomanc shfini y toourne dinr withr you ee swtie. wbstra errytcshorake. my mom usedo tmakehi ts allhe t ti ndme a i loved it. 's it a seimpl ssdeert. ie lov .this mayou xtke era bitsscuit', is ea grt. u yo yhaveour rastriwberes, gs eg, l cemonurdit wh bgakin so da. al hel t bgakin iniegrednts. th sis iea r -lly- you get ad foo esproc asortnd ies mak it ea .sier dsometo iy b hand. take yourur flo. yo u're goingo t teakom se gasur. ba ngkide powrnd a ltsa. t put i geto.ther e thre sect ,ishe w ynouut p i n
9:32 am
>>re ?ally ee>> kp itn itheez freer until u' yo rreeady tose u .it pu yot urut binter re the. e >>rasie to cuthe wnt' is .cold >> tlexacy. t pu the top .on reyou'ng goi to balasiclyul pse th isil unt it gets cry.umbl of course, you have toet ghe t to np o first. an ,yway p you ulseit. w >>e gethe t po int. hi>> ts ist whaou y e'llnd up th wi. blcrumy ufstf. no ouw, ysk whi an eggh witho wle .milk reyou'ng goi p tohaut ttn i re he. en th'r youoie gong t putt tha al l thtogeer. yo ixu m it .up reyou'ng goi r toollt iut o to ou abt an inch sq.uare ta nyke a esshap. y >>avou h e aarhet? lecirc. >> so cute. >> now, toin fisht i off,ef bore u yo putt i ien thn, ove b irusht wi th atl litgge e wash,e lik at th. he>> tis b icuitsri cltica to
9:33 am
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9:34 am
ke ta ait ltlel doltbi s ofour eacrm. >> tishis o one ff myitavore erdesst de tssser. e thon lemrd cuhe, tes bt'v ie d. ha >>iv ges itno ather avflor. >> is finth iff oit wlih a ttle st erau b wbstra aerrynd amche.pagn thfor dse kiar, spkleing grape ju ice. do gn'tivehi tso tou y r. kids >> oh,un atie ta. mron hi>> t ts ishe afpater-rty where th eid ks atren' at. >> m fororeen val dtineay s,idea theado y.todafocom/od. sh ouout tto sh utouto o tofne o l ouroyal cfoodlub ermembs. eych,ennenk tha f youorha sring ur yo pereci. at kieol hmes on herew n e,movi ch"tou wedith refi." >> > wtan toea wrou yrea hrt on ur yo sl?eeve and betouqufs o
9:35 am
>> t' thasom cuping . inow andiblncree rth rebidrfor .y hair fromnew re l'oal, ao extrary rdinshoil ampoo. a sh poamsysto em insefuwithd ci lusous, twlighgheilst oi . j ine ust on wash ir lha iookslynstant and visibly nourishe d. tr sforanms dry hair thwit ouigwenghit do i.wn mp susly tuousoftwe, ssightlelowily f ng, br tlilliany.y shin as i anf trd.sfrome ex intraord ary. an re incredible birthfo y r drirha. trnew exinaraordly oi om fral l'oreance advd ca hairisre par. an red you'th i wort. w nou yon caeacr yterouow ton ouritf yal atli o gvedear n,sttiar ang$1t 992. .oo ch ose 3 ff 10itavortoes oy enjon on ate ple. usplnl uitim sedadal d
9:36 am
liat oarve g den. i itdid .. it. ttakeathe ns ure'tybounr, hai in sk n and cailsenhallge. y ifhaour ir,sk ndin als nai't donk loo bmoreifeautweul, gi'll ouve yyo onur macey bk. dii d it... and i feel beautulif. vi t defor s.tail th s ere haa to be e rry thimetcenter, videdi3. by so14 g methinthinsomemeg so..thing. be[ inephig, winrrg ] gr t eaarcaesal sad! and now the name your price tool peshows polopleopicy tions h tofit elp r thei.budget hais tuet a tr? storyye ah! le rpeopy ealledo savan rage aveov of 0er $50 wh hey en tchswit. i meant abouinveyou g ntin it.i in edventto the s ry,d anthisn't whateaat rttlly ma
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? mm mm mm m mmm mm mm , mmmmtyoplai e thruflu vi bs hits ig.thwi, aches,chills feand ver, there's no such thinas ag tt li.le flu an need it bds aluig soantion: ivir antal. whe soe n thtsflu hi, ycallctour dohtor rigwa ay d an tupnthe ae a withalntiviriflu tam. escr proniptilu tamif is ntivan a tiralhat ck attae fls thruu vis sat itsource d ansthelps op it from ea sprn ding idythe bo .
9:38 am
in ple peowetwo eks aof ageldernd o os whu e flmssympto st d artewithin lathe dst two ays. fo beinre takmig taflu, ll ter do you ctor'rif youe pr ntegnain, nurseg, hav se s riou chealthononditi s, e or takmeother nes.dici y ifelou devn op aal rlergicn,eactio a rsevereash, or o signsusuaf unhal bevior, akstop ting taflmiandu oucall yctorr doed imm.iately ch ildr andendo ascenlets ar in prticula y ma at be an ineacrsksed ri of ei ss,zureon confusior, noab e thstmoom cnmo desiff ets aecre mi o ld tdemo nrateseauda anvo ngmiti. tianlu-fgo a? ivntal ir thwiam tluif. > >>th in ewe nm fil ou"tched th wi ,"fireat kieme holsak tes
9:39 am
ma wolgbat an libattng birpola di ersord. t >>namrogh caupt uh wit tikae. >> at i s down withie katnd aer h lo ntve-iteresth in e ,filmuk le ki rby. i a hadk talh witer hut abo ot anrhe fouams rolem froay w ba ck ,when a vebelod tiselevnio sh .ow he t re iis. >> er w ye aou fanf o so"dawn"? >> .yeah t ishat convincing? >>no , that wasn't. >> it flseeo son lg ago. t >> iswaco icni leteonvisi. w >>tasn'te qui 20rs yea ago. >> t' tha wsthay the otwre. >> reporter: the times have anchdgein sce kieat holmes was a ghhi olschoer. wi erth hes newt ,rolere we' ngseei a new side oef th tr acess. >> in tryog tig fureut o who i am . yo knu ow,au becse i don'tl fee li keys melf oranyme. en evn whe i goff o the medication, i don't feel like se mylf. >> s it'hi notng likeny ainth g vei'on d eberefo. the lovery sto inedvolv,t' is al rely sad. yo ut wanhe tmo t tbeheogetr bu -t -
9:40 am
>> t --rehey'ot n goodor fac eh r.othe be ecausbo we hath swere, th're e ly ons onet tha canrelate to ch ea other. >> iel f ltikeha ttch wat ing .this ani wthe tra chascter thtoge er, tbu idot.n' i nk thi it speaks to the ch tremisouy y had on enscre. at wh t was lhatike for you? y >>ou owkn,t' isbo aut a vefiin-meutes ttha tt edwork. f >>ive mis,nute w youere in? >> it eherou yee st tha we're in gogo t lockn i and dos thir o t. no he>> woun y goom he and'r youe with your ilchoed, ds am fil ke lis thie havn aac impnt ir you in cttera aionvend en etiducang yo hiur cbold aut isth? >> youknow,s thiwas all reay in etens prt,ojec but iea l ivet at rkwo. eei kpry evegthin ryeall sort of se tepara. w i aorkhend tn'm i mom. >> iw kno youke tald to e""mor ga ma zinerelycent.
9:41 am
a agteene nerr in l aot ofay ws. st i feill ikel lgie a rl. wh oeat dsha tt ?mean i >> guess itay ss'm i notha t t -aself,wares i iwhatnt mea. do i ng thihas tet ar ch ngalleing. i dong thihas tet ar fun,ut b i do thn't aink iboutoot t chmu. a >>oure y a kid at t?hear >>.yeah i' m in jeansnd a aat swetshir st mos day i ande lik . it o>> dou y think ,thatit wh yoever kneind ofnt iohr tckowba le teonvisiou, would y beil wling to o g backo t do a reboot of so"daw n'sk"cree? >> ande b inh hig slchoo aiagn? gh hiho scol. u yo t ellme. >> he w in look back athe t ,show h itad ata cerin charmha tst wa laavaible. it b waseefor therninteet al reooly tk erov. it b waseefor neiphos. it was before this kindf oew n rm fo of uncommioicatn. itad hhi ts ctaerinli feengt tha owasef th '90s. >> t' isim te to grow ,upda .wson e'>> w dllo it geto.ther >> i't don thinkt than i datoy's rl wooud, yld couch a tievehat
9:42 am
>>ou y thinky' there like on fa okcebo w,noho tse chtearacrs? ey th f'reooacebk iefrnds? >> he wrere ay the w?no >> y the just cniommu ocaten ce fa. book he>> texy tllt a the ti lme,ike e tht res of us. th eey'r tngextio th eacth oer wh tilerehey'ti sititng wh each ot her. >> ou"t wchedith fire" is in ctsele thrseate,io natenwid next we ek. aw "d soncreek"s fane hav to it wa. y >>anou wted the re.boot >> i'moo t t old io bethnto e aw "dson creek," but everyone under my age ledik . it >> >> ou yon w g'tet it. om cgin up, bacon roses. wh heet yrou leikal st or eeswt, 'l wehol souw yom s oeef thos mt inamazndg aic delious cioreatns fr yombeoutu, after isth. he r osco-htse haver nev seen "d nawso does s thef mell ohla fres y d bounenprestitaon ll yfi wouh opitmitism? do ov you lur we yoesirelkes yboard
9:43 am
is your success due to a finil g em osystyonly rsu undetand? do ntes prifroming r you tabletou to yreler wiriss pnter gi yve a jout ol conofdefie?nc if so, you b mayarcee gec.ntri e someonknowwho ats thig the r ht ce goffiear lp hedos you t greats.hing an erd the e's onthplace as at h a itll. doffice offepotaxicem . p gear ugreafor t. enwherev t i trygro oow mut yirhast, ndrawas alreys bffak o .t buenpant me isg akinaimy hprr caactiunlly kabreable. thnee prw v o-rmfoaul s makey ever sinchgetronr. so an i cov lmye ai hlor erng. strong is beautiful. pantene. so sup andich andw andersomewho,e to gand n cleaaland re and ere nowhe,to b and thwarm and oklog goin,od d anndwisa ach soundanp sid inokesde j, andad n is back!
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9:47 am
ca n nechanowl, ho te cak it,as h 1overil mlionsc subrsribe. anyo l go od rnmoing. yo t u mehamart arstewt? >> ne oam dree com uetr. these,cond i had a oneea yr an rsnive oaryn yoe.utub iand'me herh witou yto day. >> racongtitulaons. ha ppyou y'ree hero t craelebte va inlent e'sday. le st'starth witthe emoji ke cas. >> s thiiss kisyac fend aea hrt . eyes ow>> h y dooou d? it >> tishis ada fonnt keca,hi wch a is lot ofha wt i do. t ifishis tooh muc to lehand, yo anu ce makhe tin mi cakes ba ikedinn t nsca. ic e them withas rerpbry brutte cr eam. wh ouat y end up withs i a go usrgeoin pkpb raserryte butr ea crm.
9:48 am
ttophem withr youed lov sone' rifavotean c.dies do itit whr yous kidr o . wife >>aubel.tifu gi'moingpl sam ietle whiou y do ba wconith al. >> okay. >>hi t fs isrom sdprea erbang. it's frslowe and dr innein e.on >> wow. >> y kounock it out. tyouake a strip of bacon and ro ll it up. th en you itnseroo tckthpios s thaty the standp u onr you ba king ckra. ju lstike ccrrissoss .them >> ss criscros plapceesau. >> d goo rymemo. an stdm the on ay trand a bake em th at 400 desegrent uil cr . ispy he>> wsre i b theetouqu part co mingin? >> ou yet g yourta sdndarou bquet an lud pffck o the fls.ower ke tar youac bonos resnd ack sti em thth in loe fwer bud. o.hell sshe' l inoveit wh u.yo s >>heov l esme.
9:49 am
>> ou y stillov le n.baco >> i do. >> radeboh,ou yno kw w thato get al . t' leovs mvee or rehe. i ee s mshilk , akesnmaso rsja. t >>ishis m fro theom dcesti ek ge. is th is a cyherres cheee makcakek mil ak she. is th is vlaanil iceam crend a we ur po in .milk wthene veha o,f co,urse er ch friesheor t cyherr ch caeeseke. th sis iam creee chse. ouif y canb grahe til vanndla a gr aham cr. umbs ab>> tesoluly. >> ul shoed w put aon bac ?rose no. >> on back mil e.shak i e likhe t wayou y k.thin w >>e'reng goio t mix itll a thtogeer. >> what doou yik l aebouthe t ma son jar? ey thm seebe to por.pula t >>rehey' ch,icun fnd a alcasu. ey thd hol a lot more miaklkshe, wh isich ea grt. >> ov l.e it
9:50 am
t' lekis sphe aado teth en d. et>> l'so d .it th epp ale keca, aea nttl lite he art easwrttshi. h >>seartn o yourev slee ea swrttshi. at wh youdo, makeou yf rsela ar het tetempla,m foa erroll, pa aintnd paint ayaw. any pan.tter k >>eep pereg?atin >> allow dhen t sl,eeveny away u yo iwantt. >> e com wout sithhiometikng le th at. >> i would wearhi tsn oow h to ca ke .it i' d paint, cake, ascros the tsswea. hirt h>>pyapar ely levainntse' y.da >> u,yo >> e' w brekacn i aom mten on nbc.eo p pcaple n'tfoafo rd t fwaitdeor ihaas t tunsoodd gopa on bper,ilut wnel maver t ke iin e thalre world. the grandmheotwhr hao tos ooch bseweet peninayg for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a lesing w momesho dteperaly s needisa ran'e caitt wa.
9:51 am
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9:52 am
> >>d colay d outth on e .rink neshei jlle iones wsarmns iide th wi. us >> ihi,'m .warm oudo yel b iieven ?love >> yes. ou>> y g'reoing te o se this y storrrtomoow. it oi's go ng tnebe o t ofhose e aw iestors. th oue c iples medarri
9:53 am
pe exerpsex peexenri tcethae madm the al reize their velo. slet'ot ne hav a nearea dth riexpe aenceetnd l's rniecogze e thso perhen wnha we ve .them 'sthat a forll thean rom oticsut th ydoou know the dreiffence tw be leenove or stlu? an>> c h youave both? >> youw knoha wt? -h ahina th dg, i kon't inow f i ghthou atbout itha tt way. we h'll aavech psyisologndt a g dio int. it ou>> yan cav he . both >> . true ou>> yba problyul shoved ha . both >>tlexacy. >> i'mtt prey .deep us>> lt mebecos . love >> soablylute. >>ac bd k anh.fort c >>usan lot go t velo? >>.sure >> ,oh yes.
9:55 am
yo kuno im>> k: hi erthm e kidaand na erwagnth on e eabr nking ews th at hweave enbe llfog owin e sincstlaht nig. >>: dana s the utandp is na fiovlly er. ithisrys veto is seden.rt i it arstatted 0 9:0p.asm. lt gh nid t anenabded anout r hou ag o. h 12 ioursn sall,wawat s on scthe anene d ignes hbord heara ig ne yhbord ellefor he alp and coleup ofsh gun pots,e olic
9:56 am
deinsi of h rerenesidce. fi y nallt abou009: we un tadersnd eythe wer tableo t gesuthe t specin cuy.stod avwe he t nod hearnyof a po iatentjul in riesin c the ase bu t eyth t sayhat spsuisect hi bend bat rs ath hisour. >> : kimk looat whicat nk th moer na htureonas de, aldi ed up fe perct ndconsitio for va inlentdae's y ekwe end.he s re illkethy wir you cafore st.>> llkewey: areokloating 74 de s greeahin p rumpdatohay, tt t ishe exedpecth- higend and ug la 7hlin8. d aneg68 d reestoinday las s vegahia gh ilat we l ticoa reetrd s in a1954hend t enweek pd wecterfe t poiny sunns,skie s73daatury d anaysund f, 74or esprcyiden onndmo ay.>> a: dan n whethyou ink ouabt e thhenortast edunitte sta s, i s wainheareyg th rewein say g it is stan eedimat 40 llmi ion am anerics g goinakto we wupith
9:57 am
ek weend. in y newciork ty eyth g are oing lobezew orro f thefitirst me si nce llbint cliason w pr enesidt. k >>im: aelnd kasly w lkta ing ab whout en yoctu fan or ithe wi hind coull y canfo arget bout it. riall mght,y ondamog rnin we wi ll waourm yarr het tecour sy of hislomacal -wke-aish kid am candar.oope isshe ng doiat gre esthyse da d anin ctfa i shevis ging ckba t tohe kemais-a-wh fotiunda on no lyt on asam an adbassor but
9:58 am
withthgae ortiniza on a>>nn ancou:er from cnb wsne, is th is ay"tod" whitat klehie e orgiffndd a hoda ,kotb livem fro iostud 1ir the a in rfeockeller az pla. >> youe mad it! its i ietrd, farebruy2 1th. dimerethie vria iser he for iekathe. le t >>hank you! >> llheo! >> s it'ay alws a eapl.sure i>>ik le thate w wentas cual da toy. >> you tolde m to go alcasu. >>he tldy to me youan wtoted go ca .sual
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